Full Review | LookFantastic Subscription (9 Months/9 Boxes)

At the beginning of this year, I was slightly better off than I am now. And was very keen to try more products as I was delving into the world of skincare, loving makeup as I always had and was interested in becoming more knowledgeable haircare too. So I bought a 12 month subscription which worked out at 13 a box. Which I thought was a bargain as most boxes are worth £50+ which is incredibly generous. Something that is very consistent, is the generosity in these boxes! Which we will delve into! It was the cheapest box on the market for the brands I was interested in! It had the most variety and nicest customer service. I asked many questions, they answered so lovely responses that it encouraged me to go with this, as if I had any problems in the future, they would answer in the same demeanours ! Very impressed from the get go, before I even got any boxes!

The boxes. Packaged absolutely beautifully! Love that it is paper so makes it easy to recycle! And the boxes are so handy for organisation that I also look forward for the box itself. Is that sad? Do I care? 😂

You get a an Elle magazine, which I always give to my mum, because she loves them. And then she takes them to work for other people to enjoy! I have the Readly app, so I get all my magazines on there. But if I didn’t have that, I would definitely appreciate the free magazine! I like Elle because it is very classy, everything from beauty and gossip included but written in an eloquent manner and less sleazy than the OTHER magazines on the market. Talking about freaking dildos and all that. I’m not a prude, but I’m NOT interested in reading sex tips in a magazine. Beauty and skincare please! So Elle was the perfect and very generous choice!

The boxes are incredible, all in all. Do I get a few duds sometimes? Absolutely. But I can ALWAYS find a use for most products! Any products that don’t suit my dry dehydrated skin, I pass off to my sister who has combo skin. Hand-creams and body creams go to my mum or boyfriends mum who love a good pamper (and I have LOADS myself). Hair accessories also go to my sister as *points at pixie cut* I’m lacking enough for hair! But everything else I give a go! Some products don’t work, which I still find beneficial for my blog! But I’ve actually been very lucky and found a lot of all time favourites from this box! Which I will delve into.

My favourite boxes out of them all was the September box and the April box as they ha the most products I could use/wanted. The September box was spooky as I had mentioned I wanted to pick up my sister the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel and something nice from Caudalie for Christmas, no word of a lie, looked at that eye cream since she is struggling currently with dry eyes. And I was in Boots and NEARLY picked up the Sleek Eyebrow Stylist. I was also in the need of a bath bomb and shower gel. And I love anything Pixi. And it was absolute perfection that month. I was so impressed with the generosity and also kinda spooked that it was so perfect and I had almost purchased three products from them that I got in!

My least favourite boxes was February and I can’t think of another one because all of the others had products I really enjoyed, even if I had to give a couple others away or keep them in a drawer as I couldn’t pass them over to anyone. The only products I could use in February was the Eyebrow curlers, which I do really like and the Contour kit, but I didn’t like the lush or the highlight as it had a texture that didn’t look right on my skin. The contour shade is fab though! But the other products either, I didn’t like the consistency or appearance or couldn’t use it! But all in all, not the WORST box I could receive! Even for a least favourite! And my sister loves the Maximiser from Philip Kingsley and my mum absolutely adored the lip pencil and mascara! And it suited her lashes and complexion a lot more than me! So they certainly didn’t go to waste!

My all time favourite products tried only from these boxes I.e. wouldn’t have heard or tried them otherwise are as followed! (Might be butchering the names; some of them are super long!)

Naobay Recovery Mask – This was a hidden gem! The texture is almost a mousse; so lightweight but made my skin feel incredible! Very hydrating and softening!

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 – I was desperate to try this, and when I received it in my March box, I was overjoyed. And it is still my favourite serum to this day! Adore this product and shall certainly repurchase when this runs out! Made me discover more products from The Ordinary too!

SVR Topialyse Palpebral Itchy Soothing Eye Cream – This SAVED me during hay fever! I get runny eyes, which makes my eyes chap and itch so badly with the eczema caused by hay fever! I applied this on a whim, and the next day, it had reduced dramatically in soreness, redness and flakiness! I’m going to see if I can buy it for my sister who suffers also from dry flaky eyes.

GLOV Makeup Remover – I was sceptical about this, but it freaking works! Even with my mascara. Just my eyebrows I had to go in with a bit of oil, but it is a waterproof formula. So I wasn’t disappointed! Super soft, but I’m sure is dupable / can get cheaper alternatives. But I’m pretty chuffed I have this posher one, as it’s incredibly soft and feels very luxurious when I use it.

Morphe High Impact Highlighter (Spark) – I love it so much, that I’ve hit pan, and it’s in my Project Pan now. The most PERFRCT champagne icy gold! Looks darker in the pan but on the skin it is so bright and illuminating! Not chunky, nice and smooth and probably my favourite highlighter of the year!

Vitamasques Gold Eye Patches – These brightened my under eyes incredibly! I noticed such a massive difference, and I’ll be honest, I’ve never been disappointed with anything from Vitamasques that I’ve tried. Masks are gorgeous, but these were exceptional! I looked so awake but felt massively hydrated under my eyes too! Nicest under eye mask on the market, in my opinion. And I’ve tried A LOT!

WELLA Invigo Nutri Enrich Hair Mask – I am not the only one who loves this mask! When my boyfriend was round mine, he was so impressed with how soft my hair felt, he tried it and LOVED it too! It was a battle between who was going to use it all up first! My hair felt nourished, hydrated and smelt lovely!

All of these pictures are from “favourites” “current skincare routine” or “empties”

The products I didn’t like that I tried (or couldn’t get rid of as they couldn’t be used by myself, family or friends) are as followed (also may butcher the names again).

eCooking Peeling Mask – I am aware, it is supposed to tingle, go red and stuff. But I hated this, it hurt! Like actually BURNT! Now I have exceptionally sensitive skin. AHA/BHAs are too strong to exfoliate my skin. The strongest I can go is 5% Glycolic Acid. Anything more just dries my skin out and physically hurts! Not saying it’s a bad product, I gave it to my sister, who didn’t have a problem. But I couldn’t stand it!

James Reed Self Tan 1 Hour Glow Face Mask – Keeping it short and simple, I don’t use fake tan. Especially on my face. And know nobody who uses it. So it’s sitting in my drawer being unused. Which is a massive shame.

Minetan Gradual Tan Colour Extender – I have tattoos, so don’t tan or fake tan. I don’t like the way it makes my tattoos look on me ; personal taste. Again, sitting in my drawer looking lonely and unloved.

First Aid Beauty Coconut Skin Moisturiser and Primer – THIS BROKE ME OUT! Big, deep painful spots. Which is such a shame because I loved the product. But it did make me aware or my sensitivity to coconut/cocoa products!

Erno Laszlo Exfoliate and Detox Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar – THIS FUCKING STANK! Sorry for my language, but it is justified! Now, I’m not bothered by scents usually, I volunteer in a farm and have quite a strong stomach. But this smell made my gag! It had a thick, earthy almost rotten smell. It was horrendous. I couldn’t even open the box! I could smell it when I opened the February box! And it was like, something reeks! It was that. Couldn’t use it, and threw it away. I couldn’t have it in the house! It might work incredibly! It might be your go to cleansing bar, but good LORD it smelt so bad.

Anyway, on a more positive note, I would 10000% recommend the LookFantastic Beauty Box! Without a shadow of a doubt. Gorgeous boxes, beautifully presented and exceptionally and consistently generous! I think usually there is at least one product worth the price of the box on its own. And you get on average 5/6 products that are either from indie companies or very posh well known products! They are absolutely worth the money, and I have discovered real firm favourites that I wouldn’t have discovered if it wasn’t for these boxes! But on a different note, it has made Christmas a lot cheaper for me. As I have some lovely products I can give to friends and family that I know they will love and get the use out of that I know I wouldn’t! Such amazing value for money, perfect if you love shopping/trying out new products but don’t have the money for frequent makeup orders. £13 a month for some incredible products! Well worth the money if you ask me! And I’ve discovered so many favourite products! Can’t recommend it enough!

I hope you enjoyed this review? What are your favourite beauty box subscriptions? Have you tried LookFantastic?

Thank you so much for reading!

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