First Impression | The Creme Shop Brighten Up, Skin! Animated Llama Face Mask

When I saw these in TKMaxx, I knew I had to have them. First off they are freaking adorable and I love how fun the concept is! I also really like llamas and alpacas. But then read the ingredients and claims and got super excited! Hyaluronic Acid? Illuminating and hydrating? Want some of that!

The Creme Shop always nail their packaging! It’s so stinking cute! Look at that little llamas face!! LOOK AT IT! Look at the little twinkly stars! Ugh, I can’t cope!

When I opened the packet the first thing I noticed was how wet then Mask was. It was dripping. Which as nice to a degree because it means it was saturated with lovely product to make my skin feel nice. However it made it super slimy and difficult to apply due to how sodden it was. But once it was on, it felt lovely. Very cooling, very hydrating, initially I really enjoyed having it on.

After a few minutes I kept feeling the fluid drip onto my clothes and down my neck. Which I found quite uncomfortable as I have eczema on my neck, and it kind of stung a little. I thought it best to lie down, so it wouldn’t drip onto my iPad or bedding. But as I lay down it continued to dribble down my neck, into my ears, all over my pillow. I just didn’t enjoy having it so wet, as I had to end up getting a towel to mop up the excess. It was a right ol’ faff!

As much as I didn’t enjoy the faff and the discomfort on my neck, I loved how this made my skin look! It was left feeling so plump and hydrated and had visibly reduced my dullness and replaced it with a healthy radiance which I adored! I had a lovely tackiness of hydration left on my skin, which as it stated, I shouldn’t wash off as I should, let it soak in. And I did, and that plumpness and hydration continued into the next day! I adored how it made my skin look and feel!

All in all I found the process of the mask a little tricky due to how generous they were with the product. However the effects of it on my skin was absolutely divine! Plus, have you seen how stinking cute it is! Look at those gosh darn rosy cheeks! And the lil nose! Ugh, I can’t! I digress, I would recommend these for the way it makes your skin look and feel, however if you are sensitive in the neck department like myself. Or if you don’t like the faff of a super wet mask, then I would probably give them a pass. But if you don’t mind, and want hydrated and illuminated skin, these are lush! And I would highly recommend!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Have you tried these? Let me know what you think of them, if you have!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨


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