Collection Review | Zoeva Soft Sun “Voyager” Collection

I love Zoeva collections. They are decently priced, beautifully presented and when they have new types of products…ah…the temptation is real! So when I saw this, I was instantly drawn. As you know one of my favourite blush formulas are the Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Blushes, and these look preeeetty similar! My eyes also saw the palette and that Parasol shade was like BUYYYY MEEE! But I bought them when Cult Beauty was offering 20% off and they even threw the brush set in for free. So it was a sign!

I adore the packaging! It feels so luxe and special while being entirely unique! I love how the blushes are raised, I think that gives it such a great look and feel! Very different! And the swirls of colours look sublime! The eyeshadow palette, I’ll be honest, is a lot smaller than expected! But it’s super cute and travel friendly, and with this being the “Voyager / Soft Sun” Collection, I absolutely understand why they did that. The colour scheme is stunning, like I said, Parasol CALLS to me! But we will go into that later. I love how diddy the brushes are! Like soooooo cute! Excellent selection of my most used brushes from Zoeva, and they were free!!! I totally would have bought them too but it is always nice when you have less to pay for! The smaller handles are adorable and it comes with a little travel pouch too! I take all of these to my boyfriends and I only need a foundation brush and blush brush and I’m good to go! Super space saving and travel friendly! All in all very impressed with all of it (but wish the palette was bigger, not from a price point but from a THESE SHADES ARE GORGEOUS PLEASE DON’T RUN OUT kinda way).

The Blushes

The packaging is to die for a previously stated. And I love the marbled effect on the pans, it looks very luxe and reminiscent of Hourglass’ Ambient Strobe Lighting Blushes. Which are some of my favourites, so you can understand why these attracted my attention!

I’ll be entirely honest here, I was disappointed. These blushes are EXCEPTIONALLY sheer! And not in a lightly flushed kinda way, in more of a where is my damn pigment kinda way. The only two I actually could get some pay off on my skin were Moonlit and Radiant Glow. But they had to be build it considerably! Cinnamon Sky and Twilight Hour, we’re almost undetectable on the cheeks!

L/R – Moonlit, Radiant Glow, Cinnamon Sky, Twilight Hour

As you can seem they are very sheer. I tried different brushes, and found the best one for application was the Zoeva Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush. But even then, it didn’t make much difference in Cinnamon Sky and Twilight Hour. They were such a big disappointment as the colours looked delightful in the pan. I swatched them and they looked okay swatched, so thought I would apply them with my fingers, but they never applied on my face, just stayed on my fingers! I thought it could be due to the paler marble, so went in with the darker parts of the marble, but even so, didn’t make much difference. Zoeva’s blushes are normally lovely, especially in their palettes. But these, probably down to a different formula, we’re exceptionally disappointing!

The Eyeshadow Palette

One thing that surprised me most about this eyeshadow palette was the size. It is so dinky! It’s adorable and very travel friendly. But I. Concerned I’m going to hit pan very quickly, especially in Parasol! But it’s very cute! And the packaging is lovely, and cohesive with the rest of the collection!

These colours are probably the most gorgeous Zoeva shadows I’ve used! The mattes are powdery but super pigmented (Barefoot is slightly more buildable but once built it’s a gorgeous colour) and they blend and buff into the eye with minimal effort! They are stunning! The shimmers are lovely too, Romance is slightly harder pressed but you still get a lovely payoff. Ablaze and Red Sea are so buttery and creamy! The pigmentation is out of this world! Very very impressed with this palette!

These are some of the looks I was able to create using this palette!

Barefoot, Parasol, Horizon
Horizon, Ablaze, Romance
Romance, Parasol
Red Sea, Parasol, Romance
Barefoot, Horizon

All in all this palette is great and versatile and they all create lovely cohesive,looks with pops of red, pink or bronze! Exceptionally wearable, delicious formula. Just slightly upset it’s so tiny because the colours are just stunning and I may get through it quickly!

Zoeva Voyager Brush Set

I actually got this brush set free which was awesome and thought it went well with this collection so thought I would throw this in as the Soft Sun palette is a Voyager palette, which works well! I love the size of the handles as they are small enough to be travel friendly but not so small that they would be difficult to use. They are cut off at the perfect point to get direction and precision while being small enough to be able to pack them in a travel bag without them taking up too much room!

The brushes that are included are a nice mix and they are my most used brushes so I was happy to have smaller, travel friendly versions. Please excuse they are Used, I had to try them out straight away! And it shows that I like them, which I thought was good! I thought I would tell you what I use these for most!

Luxe Crease – Like it says, it is a perfect crease brush. It is tapered enough to get a stronger pigment in the centre while buffing out the edges for a seamless blend! I adore this brush and have so many of the larger sizes too! Happy to have a teeny one now!

Concealer Buffer – I actually really enjoy this brush to use to apply my Colourpop Supershock Shadows! It buffs them so well and really packs the pigment while blending the edges! Disperses the shimmer really lovely too! Very easy to use!

Luxe Smoky Shader – THE best brush for packing colour onto the lid! I love the tapered sides to get into the inner and outer corners. But the flat side makes it perfect to pack that pigment on the lid. I also love how thin the head is so you can even line your lash line with your eyeshadow and this brush too! Great brush!

Brow Line – Ah this is my favourite brush of all time from Zoeva! You can use it with gels, pomades or shadows! It is slightly longer so you get a nice amount of product on the brow super quickly, which saves time in the morning. But it is still super precise due to its “thinness” and density! Best brush ever!

All in all, the palette was the stand out product! The blushes were hit and miss. And although the brushes will be slightly more boring of a purchase, they are so useful and what a fantastic selection of brushes too.

I hope you enjoyed this collection review! Its been a while since a full collection review! Let me know what you think about this collection!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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