Empties | September 2019

I’ll be entirely honest I was a bit lazy when it came to getting round to doing my Empties and just kept accumulating products, and then as my products we’re falling out of my Empties boxes I thought RIGHT! TIME TO DO AN EMPTIES! So here it is!

Nivea MicellAIR Skin Breathe Waterproof Makeup Remover – I bought this back in November and it is finally finished! I used it fairly consistently too. It didn’t remove my waterproof makeup brilliantly but it did remove my face makeup very well. It didn’t irritate or dry out my skin either. I quite liked it, and would buy it again. It lasted ages too!

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks (Celebrity Skin, Rose Matter, Androgyny, Chrysanthemum, Pumpkin Pie) – Damn that’s a lot of liquid lips all used up! These were all verging on empty and I was scraping the sides of them and thought, okay, these are pretty old, it’s time to get rid! I have some duped, some repurchased and some I’m in need to dupe! But these are my favourite formula without a doubt! I adore them! Fantastic shade range, gorgeous colour pay off, comfortable matte finish, long lasting, kiss proof. Just perfection!

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Glacé – This I bought for my birthday and I loved it. It’s a sugary sweet but kinda fruity! I was so obsessed that I didn’t realise my last spray was my last spray which was kinda sad! I wasn’t prepared! The sheer emotion that left my body was unreal! Okay…slightly over dramatic! Oh and the packaging is stunning, that it may be empty but I’m keeping it on display! It’s beautiful!

Imperial Leather Swizzlers Refreshers Shower Gel – Cheap and cheerful and smells very nostalgic. I find they aren’t the most hydrating for my skin, but I do love the smell and that makes them invigorating in the shower! The lather up lovely too! Nice for the price!

La Roche Posay Anthelios XL SPF 50 – This is lovely and it’s the most perfect SPF for under makeup! Lovely consistency, very hydrating, doesn’t break me out or make me itch! Gosh I get the ITCHIEST skin with SPF! But this doesn’t irritate me in the slightest! I already have repurchased it so I can continue using it throughout the winter! A little pricey but well worth it!

Eylure Lashes (143, 121) – Loved these eyelashes! The 143 are perfect for a dramatic look! Not for the faint hearted, which I like for my makeup play looks! Or looks where I want framing! The 121 are also dramatic; shorter but thicker and quite spiky but I love them for the same sort of looks! Love them!

Ardell (600, Black) – I adore these eyelashes! They are separated between the fluttery goodness! And have longer lashes in the middle than the ends but good lord I loved wearing these, and wore them to DEATH! Until they were COATED in glue and mascara, it was really gross, feel free to judge!

Duo Lash Adhesive – Great adhesive but I do find my watery eyes do move my lashes. I want to try the house of lashes glue to see how that compares, as my best friend loves it! But it is a solid eyelash glue and does the trick!

YourGoodSkin Instant Dryness Rescue – This was okay. It did hydrate my skin but not instantly and it didn’t “rescue”. It just gave me a light layer of moisture until I can get to a better, richer cream! It claims you can wear it over makeup, but it disrupted, obviously. But it was okay! Might be better for combo skin with dry patches! Not my greatest ever dryness rescue!

MAC Lipsticks (Mocha and Brick’OLa) – These are my go to lipsticks and I have used them all up, right down to below the plastic bit, I applied those with a brush, so I could get the most out of them! Mocha is the most perfect terracotta shade, and Brick’OLa is a super creamy brick red! LUSH! Gutted they are gone but I have them on my list to repurchase!

No7 Instant Results Revitalising Hydrogel Eye Masks – These were great and I did find them exactly how they are described, revitalising! Thy hydrated and cooled my under eyes and helped with puffiness and darkness! I wouldn’t say it helped with the darkness pigmentation, but it helped with Brightening my under eyes with a glossiness and hydration that reflected the light away from the darkness, of that makes sense? Lovely though!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance (Mini) – I loved this, I found it helped my eyeshadows adhere to that base and blend beautifully. I could totally understand the hype. Personally I didn’t set it, and let the eyeshadows I blend stick to it better! But loved this, and would repurchase this if I run out of my MAC Paint Pots any time soon!

Those are all of my empties! I accumulated a lot! But finally got round to writing this. I found it a little daunting with how many there was haha!

I hope you enjoyed this post! What product have you recently used up? Would you buy it again?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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