First Impression | Sleek Eyebrow Stylist (Dark)

I’m slowly delving back into the world of an eyebrow pencil. Since falling ill again, I struggle to stay super still while,I do my makeup so my carved out eyebrows were a struggle for me to do and I was making them wonky and, ugh, it was a mess. Eyebrow pencils intrigued me for a while but I wasn’t brave enough as I thought I wouldn’t be very good! But I’m persevering, and love the fluffy and natural look they give!

I received this in my September LookFantastic box and no joke, nearly purchased it a few days before I received this box! So glad I didn’t, because that would of been heartbreaking as money is TIGHT right now!

Love the packaging, very urban and one might even say…sleek…see what I did that? I’ll go repeatedly walk into a wall until I fall unconscious, I’m sorry. But yeah, I love the packaging. Very easy to use, not overly chunky. The lids have snap closures, so they won’t fall off in your bag! Brilliant!

It is an angled tip, reminiscent to the Goof Proof Brow Pencil or Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil! But this is around the £6 mark which makes it for more accessible for us people on a budget!

I have the shade Dark, which is perfect for me and I am a dark blonde. It isn’t like an ebony colour, it is a perfect chocolate brunette colour! The angled tip took about 3 minutes to get used to but once I got the hang of it I liked it! It has a tapered point which is perfect to crease the finer point of the brow, while the bottom is thicker and slightly rounded which I enjoyed for quickness! This was my first time using this product, so it isn’t my finest brow, but I get a very natural it fuller brow look! It has a more Ochre undertone to a red tone, which matches my hair perfectly! I couldn’t go as far as saying grey undertone, but it is definitely greyer mustard over warm mustard. If that makes any sense! If you wanted a sharper brow you could certainly carve out the Eyebrow with concealer but dare I say…I’m liking the softened look! I know! I know! I need a lie down. But I think it’s a lot more natural and dainty for my round features!

It lasts wonderfully! I had an IMMENSE nap, my boyfriend and I take frequent naps together, and I’m a drooly/sweaty napper, and this didn’t budge. I do set it with powder, I am currently using (and panning) the No7 Eyeshadow in Matte Mocha which I’m loving and is a great match for this brow pencil! But it didn’t move, and I did find my Waterproof Brow Gel from NYX moved and transferred when my sleep sweats (medication side effects are great…she said sarcastically) got particularly bad.

All in all, I love this eyebrow pencil! Not just for the fact it is affordable. But it is a genuinely good product! I think they have 3 colours, so my only criticism would be the colour range as even the dark suits my fair complexion and dark blonde hair! But the product itself is fantastic! I really can’t fault it!

I hope you enjoyed this review! Have you tried this? What’s you’re go to brow product?

Thank you so much for reading!! 💛✨

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