Full Review | Stila Shimmer and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow

Stila have been a brand that have been hit and miss for me. All powder products I’ve tried I’ve really loved! The liquid eyeliner is okay. But there have been some duds. The liquid lipsticks are a lovely formula but the smell made my nauseated. But the Glitter and Glow eyeshadows are absolutely phenomenal! And these are the little sister! For all your shimmery smooth goodness! I’ll link my glitter and glow review below for you!


I love how the packaging is cohesive with the other Stila liquid shadows! And the rose gold lid instead of the yellow gold lid is a nice touch to differentiate the two without them being mega different. They look great together in my collection!

The colours I got were Cloud, Freedom and Carefree. Cloud is a beautiful lilac taupe shade with gold and silver shimmers in there. Freedom is a sheer minty turquoise it’s a really vibrant shift of the same colour! Carefree is the most perfect coral pink for green eyes.

The formula is really thin and smooth. It is a lot more pigmented than some of the Stila Glitter and Glow as instead of some of the shades having clear/minimal bases, the bases are of a colour, which creates a more saturated appearance on the lid! They dry in the perfect amount of time; you can blend it without stressing but you rent waiting ages until,the risk of transfer is no more! They are so multidimensional and so shiny and metallic; they look liquidy but dry down completely. So you get the bonus of the super wet and shiny look without having it super sticky and with poor longevity! Speaking of longevity they last SO well! Freedom, I adore wearing in the inner corner, and it lasts all day, even with my leaky eyes! They don’t crease, even with my hooded eyes. They are just fantastic!

I’m going to discuss which products I like wearing with these certain colours! And how I find the shade individually!

Cloud – I adore wearing this with dark purples to go with that lilac tone. However wear this with greys, it makes it look 10x more purple! It’s crazy! I also love smoking out the lash lines with black and wearing this over the lid and it creates a super grungy look. Also sheering this out is super grungy and sexy looking! It’s like melted Satin Taupe/Shale hybrid from MAC. Very neutral so if you are planning a bold lip, this is a non-competing eye shadow! But still feeling that little bit special!

Freedom – This is the sheerest of the formulas, in the sense that the bsse has a translucency to it. However it packs a punch! The shimmer is probably the most intense out of the three, and it is like a neon aqua that has this luminosity to it! It’s divine! I love wearing this with the inner corner. And it is versatile, so it goes with every colour I have tried! Even grungy greens and pukey yellows, this still works in the inner corner. It lifts my complexion and “greenifies” my eyes. Probably my favourite liquid eyeshadow I have ever tried!

Carefree – This is like Expensive Pink from MAC and Candyass from Jeffree Star had a baby and it’s in liquid form! Ew, baby in liquid form? What a horrific analogy, I can only apologise! Anyway, it is a mid tone rose/coral with a baby pink…shift? Not glitter, just a shimmery sheen. I adore pairing this with greens and blues, the contrast between them are just lovely! However I wore this with Juvias a place Douce palette (Crepes and Creme were the eyeshadows I used) and it looked delightful too. You can do a lot and on my skin tone and eye colour, it looks lovely.

All in all these did NOT disappoint. I was left very impressed and feeling the need to buy more. La Douce is a NEED, not just a want! My friend let me try it and I adored it!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Let me know what you think of these, and if you have any shade recommendations!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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