Lyric Inspired Makeup | This Feeling by The Chainsmokers

I was inspired when listening to Poison Prince by Amy MacDonald to do makeup inspired by the song. So I thought, instead of doing the actual makeup look the artist wears in the music video, what about makeup that this song inspires you to wear! So this is the series! And I hope you enjoy it! Any song recommendations, leave a comment!

I’m not normally one for pop songs, but this really gave me this feeling. I’m sorry. I’ll stop. But it really did, to gave me that cheerful feeling when I’ve been feeling miserable and in pain, I just had to do a look for this! It gave me this richness, that I wanted to correspond rich colours. I wanted sparkle, because “This Feeling” meaning love or at least what I gathered to be love, has that sparkly wonderfulness to it! But I wanted to add a contrast to it to symbolise the difference between thinking with your head and not “that thing in your chest” as the song says. I wanted the centre to be bold and clear, like the head and the thing in your chest to be faded and fluffy.

I started the look with a base, this time I used MAC Painterly. I then went into the Sugarpill Eyeshadow in Suburbia and blended that into the crease and up to the brow bone. For a perfect and seamless blend. I then went into Poison Plum, also from Sugarpill and blended that into the crease and inner and outer corner, on top of Suburbia. I wanted that rich purple to blend into a peachy haze! I left the centre bare and cut my crease with my Revolution Cut Crease Canvas. I then went into my Juvia’s Place The Tribe palette and took Chaga, and applied that over the top of that wet base. The on the very centre I applied Koro which really popped. In the inner corner I applied Maasai to set of those neon glitter on Chaga and Koro! Around the edge of cut crease I applied the OPV Glitter Eyeliner in Flash Light. In the water line I applied Queen Supreme from Jeffree Star (the Velour Liquid Lipstick, they are eye safe). For the lower lash line I applied Poison Plum into Suburbia again to add cohesion to the look. Finally I applied my lashes, and used Eylure Fluttery 178 lashes, and a teensy bit of liquid liner blend that into the look. And the look was finished!

I hope you enjoyed this look! I adore the contrast of colours and edges I used! Not that I’m tooting my own horn! It was just a personal statement! Digging myself a hole!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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