Makeup Play #7

I’m adoring playing with makeup again, and I have to say…I feel like this is my favourite series I’ve done. Simply because it is so freeing. I grab x amount of products and try to make a look with it! Or I get some similar coloured things, and go wild. I was discovering products I hadn’t used in a hot minute, and was so inspired by the Inglot eyeshadow in the shade 616, which is the most perfect rich mustard shade! And wanted to go with that, and see where it takes me!

I started the look with priming my eyes, and I used my trust MAC Painterly Paint Pot. I then went into 616 and applied that into my crease and onto the higher portion of the lid. And blend blend blended until it was nice and seamless. I then took didn’t know where to go from there, and looked at my Colour Palette board on Pinterest and saw a minty green paired with a mustard and was so inspired! So I took Mochi from Sugarpill, and applied that all over the lid! I grabbed a touch more of 616 and blended that into Mochi. I took Mochi on a shaded brush and applied that to my lower lash line, and then smudged and blended 616 into that, for a cohesive and balanced look. I knew I wanted glitter! So took my Too Faced and Nikkie Tutorials The Power Of Makeup Glitter in Glitterally Glamour Dust! Which worked so well and I was obsessed with the minty and yellow shifts, which worked perfect with the look. I then highlighted my inner corner and brow bone with the Inglot eyeshadow in 26. Then I applied a touch of mascara and the lashes from the Fluttery Lash Edit from Eylure, the top “accent” ones. I think they are the 170s! Super natural and flirty but set the look off without competing with it! Loved that! And that’s the look completed!

I hope you enjoyed this look! I’m obsessed with these colours together!

Thank you so much for reading!! 💛✨

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