Full Review | Revolution Pro New Neutrals Palette

I am a lover of eyeshadow palettes and this the one thing I genuinely can’t stop buying. Eyeshadow is my favourite part of my makeup…as well as blush, but I love eyeshadows and playing with them and expressing myself through them! And I’ll be entirely honest, was very drawn to the HUDA palette. But damn she expensive! Like £56! This cost me £12! And is very similar! So it’s far more accessible to people and you still have the mauves, terracotta and nudes! But not paying £56…

The packaging is adorable! I love the gold, feels super luxe and the animal print is very sassy. I feel like a diva using this, which I’m not mad at, I’ll be honest! It had a lovely big mirror, which was awesome for when I took this to my boyfriends and got to do my full face of makeup easily, with the mirror! But it isn’t a bulky palette. It is sleek for the fact it has 18 shades in there!

Their are two pressed glitters which are not for use on the immediate eye area. That is the legality side of it. But I’ll be honest, I do wear them on my eyes and have yet to have an issue with them. I’m very careful, if I get a piece in my eye, straight away I catch it with a cotton bud. Also on removal I pull the cotton pad up so I’m not getting it down in my eye. Just take precautions people if you go against their recommendations! I don’t often break rules….but this…makes me feel like I live dangerously…and sparklingly.

The formula of the eyeshadows are lovely. Very pigmented without being overly soft and powdery. They feel slightly harder pressed than usual eyeshadows, but not in a bad way, as you still get beautiful colour pay off. They blend seamlessly, and also build up very nicely, as they are harder pressed you can get a sheerer wash of colour, but can build them up to full on pigment! I was exceptionally impressed with the formula, as some recent Revolution palettes have been slightly disappointing! But not this one! Very very happy with this!

These are just some of the looks I could create with this palette, my favourite shade out of all of them is Calm. The most gorgeous soft, muted lavender! Just divine and so flattering on my eye colour! I’m so obsessed!

Delight, Whisper, Rumour, Golden
Neutral, Calm, Majestic
Shadow, Glamour, Magic
Glamour, Whisper, For Real!
Karma, Zoned, Majestic, Hidden, Party
Shadow, Majestic, Jazz It Up

All in all I think this palette is fantastic value for money, and you get a superb formula and lovely array of neutrals! But not just boring old browns. Soft terracottas, rich mauves and some special sparkles! So incredibly impressed with this palette and am so pleased I have it in my collection. Certainly wouldn’t buy HUDAs, far too expensive if you ask me!

I hope you enjoyed this review! Have you tried this palette? Let me know what you think of it?

Thank you so much for reading!! 💛✨

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