Full Face Of Unsung Beauty Heroes #1

We are all victims of “believing the hype” around some cult classics. Nars Orgasm, Tart Shape Tape (legit nearly typed Shart….I love it when beauty gurus say it!), Jeffree Star Blood Sugar, Colourpop No Filter; the list goes on! But we do have a very congested industry of products that people either don’t talk about, or are yet to discover. So I thought I would do a full face, discussing the products that I love that I see few people discuss. But deserve the “hype” because they are insanely good! I really hope you enjoy!

These are the products I used, I’m going to run through them later. For now I just wanted to mention the tools I used, as unless I stick them all in my mouth, you aren’t going to know what I used! And believe me, that would look very odd! I used my Wet n Wild Flat Top Buffer which is a great brush! It is Β£3.50! And blends foundation so seamlessly! These are the following Jessup brushes I used: (109 Blend Contour, 194 Concealer, JF13 Drip Powder, JE11 Easy Liner, JE03 Small Blender, 228 Luxe Crease Brush, 222 Luxe All Over Shader). These brushes are incredible and so accessible! They are extremely reminiscent of Zoeva brushes, and a few even have the same names which I think is a bit naughty, HOWEVER the brushes are INCREDIBLE! For the price of two Zoeva brushes, you can get a pack of minimum 15 brushes! And the quality is phenomenal! They are synthetic fibres, which is fantastic, and when I say they blend, ooph, they blend! Effortlessly! Gorgeous gorgeous brushes. You can get them on amazon, which I will link just after I’ve finished talking brushes! They have so many colour variations, my personal favourite is the navy and gold with sparkles but you can get rose gold and bamboo too! I’m not being sponsored at ALL, I just really love these brushes and love the price even more!!




I felt so pretty in this look. But you know the reality of my health situation means I had no where to go because I’m in so much pain so I just washed it off a couple of hours later. But I will definitely wear this out and about!

I started with prepping my skin and moisturising my lips with the Dr Paw Paw Multipurpose Soothing Balm as they are super dry at the minute and I’m biting them a lot with the pain and nerves for my operation getting closer. This is a life saver. I put it on my eczema and it hydrated and forms a barrier to lock in moisture! It’s incredible! I get dry eyelids from having such watery eyes and this clears it up in literally a couple of days! I use it on my cuticles, eczema patches, lips, eyebrows to smooth them down like a gel would. I’ve even put it on my hair to style it! It is magic magic stuff! I added my primer and used the Revolution Skincare Superfruit Extract. This has the most divine smell and actually works as a hydrating step before my foundation! It adds luminosity and adherence so my foundation has a nice smooth base underneath. I then sprayed my face with the Gerard Cosmetics Setting Spray. These are pricey, I think they are Β£16! But holy shit they are gorgeous! The scents are so delicious and they genuinely lock in my makeup so well while still providing me a hydrating layer under and over my skin. My blush is still on, which is my test to a good setting spray as my blush fades off my face so easily, and I wear a lot of blush! I also have a tendency to go overboard on the powder but this eradicates this and blurs all of the layers together!

Makeup time! This foundation, I’ve heard literally no one speak about it! It’s so cheap! And it’s insanely good! It’s The Ordinary Coverage Foundation! It has a buildable medium coverage, so you can get it up to full. It looks so skin like and radiant! I just love it! I then went into my Obsession Mega Conceal and covered any blemishes on my face and highlighted my under eyes. This is the perfect consistency to hide any blemishes while still hydrating your skin. I do need to powder it, as it can crease under my eyes, but I ALWAYS get creases under my eyes, it’s a “bug eye” problem! I then powdered my face with a mix of the two shades from the BareMinerals Invisible Light Translucent Powder Duo. THIS, is reminiscent of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders but I hear no one talk about it! It is so luminous but not glittery! And you can customise your finish by adding more matte under the eyes but then more glow on the nose. Oh it’s divine! CHEEKS. I contoured using my MissLyn Cutie Pie Bronzer, which for me is cool enough for a contour shade! Buildable and slightly harder pressed so you can’t go overboard with this product which I find wonderful as I have a heavy hand and I like a subtle contour! So then I applied my MUA Blushed Powder Blush and these remind me of a slightly looser pressed MAC blush. You can get a bit of product kick back in the pan, but I don’t mind that too much at all, as I love a strong blush. They are beautifully pigmented but buildable! And they look stunning too, the embossed rose is everything! Highlight. Dear lord HIGHLIGHT. These have to be my favourite highlights of the year, without a doubt! They are so soft so buttery and good golly they pack a punch! The most blinding highlights ever! I love how you get so many colours! And they are layer-able for a custom look, which I did today!

Eyyyyyyes tiiiiiiime! I used such an amazing palette, especially for green eyes! The bhCosmetics Royal Affair Palette! It has a multitude of neutral browns from warm to cool, rich metallics and pops of colour! It has a slight grungy tone to it which I LIVE for! I started by going into the shade Emperor and blended that into my crease all the way in to the inner portion too. Then went into the shade Lady and blended that under the eye, fairly far down. And worked that colour into Emperor to create a lovely cohesive blend. I built up the outer corner of the lid with Monarch for a hit of khaki which I loved as it grunted the look up! And the on the lower lash line, smudged Regal into there, to add a bit of depth! Then for the fun bit, I cut my crease using my Obsession Mega Conceal and applied Crown over the top, which gave it such a twist that I adored! For the inner corner I applied a throne and the eyeshadow was done! But oh wait….another fun bit. I took one of my BhCosmetics Eyelights which is the creamiest silver liquid eyeshadow ever! It is so saturated but once it dries, it is THERE! I wore this to a uni interview, didn’t get in, sobbed my heart out and my cut crease was still outlined with it! Which was an odd look, but hey, the silver was popping! I then applied my black LA Girl Shockwave Neon Eyeliner and lined my upper and lower waterlines! This is the darkest, most long wearing black eyeliner ever. I remove my makeup with oil, and it’s still there until I give my eyes a good scrub! Again, I’ve cried with this on and it’s stayed put! Fantastic eyeliner and I hear NO one talk about it! Mascara. I used the Essence Lash Princess Mascara, and I bet you’re thinking hey, that’s a popular one. And you’re right, the green one is! The False Lash Effect one. But I’m using the Orange one! The Volume one, and it is so buildable. The first coat gives you fluttery feathery lashes, let that dry and build up the second coat and goodness me, your lashes have the perfect amount of volume and length! I like the brush a lot too; slightly curved so hugs the lashes really well!

Lips time! When I’m not around my boyfriend I will wear a glossy lip combo. If I’m around my boyfriend it’s always a Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lip as they are kiss proof, and my boyfriend is so cute I just want to love him and squeeze him and kiss his cheeks all day! Okay, bit much, sorry! I digress. The Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks are very popular too, so I knew I didn’t want that for my makeup look today as they are hero’s yes, but boy they are sung about, and rightly so! So the lip combo I went for today was the NYX Lipliner in Nude Beige. The Suede versions are talked about, but the standard ones, I have rarely heard anyone discuss! And they are so creamy, and I do slightly prefer them to the suede in terms of ease of application! I then went over the top with my No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick in Caramel Silk. This is such a comfortable nude and I think these are almost identical in texture as the MAC Lustre Lipsticks. But these are less sheer and the pigment packs a punch! While still being uber comfortable! But I like to go all out when I’m not going matte, and wanted a lipgloss. I chose the Zoeva Melody Lipgloss In Fly Away. This is IDENTICAL to the Jeffree Star The Gloss In Crystal Kiss. Like the same pink shift, same texture, same everything. Only difference is that the Zoeva one has zero scent. It’s so comfortable, so glossy and has the most lovely sparkle! And when these came out people totally kicked them to the side, and I ADORE them, you must try them. There is another colour called Spread Your Wings which is a gorgeous gold!

So that is my underrated products of the moment! I adore them all and would highly recommend you give them a go! Especially the highlight palette, eyeshadows and the lipglosses! They are incredible! I realised it there are lots of bhCosmetics products. Which I find sad because I LOVE BhCosmetics! They are such wonderful quality at an affordable price for the quality you get! More people should talk more fondly about them!!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! πŸ’›βœ¨

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