What’s In My DIY Palettes (Makeup Geek, Inglot, NARS etc)

I used to think DIY palettes looked super messy. But I’ve been following a lot of people’s collections on Instagram and I love how personalised they are! And no one is the same unless you legit copy them! Which is fine, if that’s what you want to do. But I love the uniqueness of them! So thought I would show you what is in my very own DIY palettes!

I’ll be entirely honest here, I have two Z palettes. And legit paid around £10/£20. I had more money than sense back then! And they feel quite bulky! I mean, they do the trick, but you can get far sleeker ones for a fraction of that price. The Revolution Pro one cost me literally £3! And then I was in TKMaxx the other day and bought this massive palette from Bleach London, for again, £3! So don’t waste your money on Z palettes! It’s an empty freaking palette at the end of the day!

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

I love Makeup Geek Eyeshadows! They are so buttery and blendable and have the most delicious colour range! They are also fairly priced, even the more luxe foiled eyeshadows are around the £8 mark! Which is great. But the regular ones are around £5! Which is wonderful!

I adore the dirty, green, pukey shades like Dirty Martini, High Tea, Desert Sands, Karma, Ritzy and Pixie Dust! They are so flattering on my green eyes and complexion, but also are perfect for the grungy kind of looks that I love to do! Cherry Cola is the most perfect burgundy that is so buttery in texture and striking on my eyes! Cocoa Bear is such a rich warm brown and goes with so many looks! Tuscan Sun is a lovely warm mid-coral which again contrasts on my green eyes in a lovely way!

I’m now going to go through all the shades that I own below, from left to right!

Taboo, Fairytale, Hopscotch, Phantom, Ritzy, Preppy, Confection

Simply Marlena, Bada Bing, Nostalgia, Cupcake, Vintage, Petal Pusher, Desert Sands

Legend, I’m Peachldss, Frappe, Creme Brûlée, Mango Tango, Poppy, Tiki Hut

Cocoa Bear, Beaches and Cream, Cherry Cola, Side Kick, Sin City, Gold Digger

Sand Dollar, High Tea, Friend Zone

Chickadee, Dirty Martini, Pixie Dust

Tuscan Sun, Jester, Karma

Inglot Eyeshadows

My sister lived in Madrid for a year and Inglot was so accessible there, and I went a little bit ham every time I visited her! I’m going to do a full review on these so went delve in too deeply about them, so you can read the review when it’s up and I’m not repeating myself. That would be boring! But all in all I like them, some shades are stand out favourites and overall they are very consistent in texture and formula!

Only problem I dislike about them is the shade names are numbers, which makes it so confusing! But I can get over that, I mean get a grip Em come on! My favourite shades are 26, 616, 48, 368, 300, 296 is the most perfect icy yellow highlight and makes my inner corner beam! 616 is my favourite of them all and is a gorgeous mustard, with a hint of sparkle! 48 is a rose with a lavender/purple/baby pink shimmer and looks so nice with my green eyes! 368 is my most used shade, and is a perfect all over the lid matte peach shade! 300 is a warm but pukey brown that I’m obsessed with! And 296 is my perfect cherry red matte shadow!

I’m now going to name all of the shades in order from left to right.

301, 300, 51, 407, 430, 616

300, 464, 368, 46, 26, 328

471, 152, 399, 48, 334, 431

Miscellaneous (Revolution Pro Glitters, NARS Hardwired Eyeshadows)

My Revolution Pro glitters are my favourite pressed glitters! They have a lovely consistency, not overly creamy and wet but not patchy and dry either. The happy medium. There were 2 other glitters that I gave away to my friend that would use them more. And kept my favourite ones.

NARS Hardwired Eyeshadows. Good LORD they are expensive. £17 a pop! Yikes! But they are stunning. You can create a sheer wash, almost topper shade with them dry. But you apply them wet and oh my goodness you get the most metallic shiny shade ever. Lunar, the lilac, is my absolute favourite! And Ecstasy, the mint, comes in close second! The others are beautiful too, but there is just something so special about those shades that I reach for those an awful lot!

I’m now going to go through though the shades Left to Right!

Revolution Pro Glitters

Fame, Glitterazi and Glare

NARS Hardwired Eyeshadows

Madrid, Chile, Ecstasy

Melrose, Lunar

I have MAC eyeshadows as well but i have done a separate blog post on that which I will link here : https://insidethemakeupdrawer.com/2019/05/27/my-mac-eyeshadow-collection-reviews/

I also have Sugarpill eyeshadows which have their own magnetic palette however they have reformulated the shadows now, so these ones are rendered somewhat obsolete, so I am going to give that a miss!

All in all I’m really happy with my collection. My next purchases for a DIY palette are some Nabla blushes/eyeshadows as I’m curious about the textures and have heard interesting things! Plus the colour range is lovely. And I want to try some Anastasia Beverly Hills single shadows, particularly Orange Soda, Stone and Burnt Orange.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post? If you have any DIY palettes, do any recommendations on what I should try that will go in a magnetic palette?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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