Full Review | OFRA “The Nudes” Lip Set

I love a nude lip! I love to experiment with my eye makeup that I don’t usually want my lips to compete with my eyes! So when these were on sale I purchased them and was excited to see how they compared to my favourite formula that is the iconic Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks!

I was unsure of the packaging, as I did really like the black Ofra packaging! It was sleek but I thought these were a bit bulky. However they do make the application nice and easy as they add to the control of lining your lips with them. Plus they fit in my lipstick display, so they aren’t as bulky as I thought they would be. They are aesthetically more luxe and unique looking without compromising the usage. I don’t know I just am still unsure if I love it or hate it…

But forget about the packaging, it’s about the formula right? Again, I quite liked it, but there is a bit of hesitation. They are comfortable, that I will say. But they don’t dry down fully. Which I usually don’t like (which is why I hated the Colourpop Ultra Satin Lips). However these feel a lot thinner on the lips. But they do have that bit of tack. So if I eat or drink, they do rub off, or god forbid if I kissed my boyfriends cheek, he would have lip print on his face! So the tackiness doesn’t hinder the longevity! But they are really comfortable to wear, and especially for the winter as I have very dry and cracked lips and they feel very hydrating for a matte liquid lipstick! Not as slippy as say a MAC Amplified Lipstick but not so long wearing as the Jeffree Star Formula! I would say if you like the Colourpop Satins, you will ADORE these! They are less thick and more comfortable than them. But if you don’t like them because find them too thick, then these again, you might like these as they are far less heavy feeling on the lips but do still have that hydrating tack to them.

(top to bottom) Manila, Bel Air, Dubai

Manila – Manila is the loveliest rosy nude! It has a neutral undertone so it isn’t to warm or too cool toned! This pairs lovely with the pink eyeshadows and the purple eyeshadows, but also pair this with an aqua eyeshadow? Gorgeous! It is easy to contrast enough with colours while still remaining neutral so there is no competition. It is deep enough to wear as its own statement, but if you wear a bold eye, it won’t look like a bold lip!

Bel Air – Bel Air is one of my favourite colour to wear on my lips! A warm peachy nude! I love pairing this with blues and terracottas for a complimentary appearance. But I also wore this with a cool grey look, and the playing of undertones been cool and warm looked so contrasting and striking! I loved how it looked! It is the perfect depth too, not overly deep but not so light that it looks sickly! And it isn’t as bright as it looks in the tube, once it is on your lips, it looks a lot more “terracotta” over peachy orange!

Dubai – Dubai is my favourite out of all of them! It looks like it could make you look ill and I was unsure how I felt about the appearance in the tube translating on my lips. But once it went on my lips, it gave me this super grungey but very neutral lip! This is the best lip to wear if you don’t want any competition as it is such a basic beige shade, it won’t overshadow the eyeshadow! But it also looks striking with a flick of mascara and highlight due to its unique cooler tone!

All in all I like these! The colours are lovely! It is just the formula having that tacky finish that is making my hold back from saying I love them! But I don’t hate them. Not at all, not like the Colourpop Ultra Satins. I didn’t have to wipe them off as soon as I put them on, I comfortably spent my day with them on, reapplying after my pumpkin spice latte (yes I’m that bitch!). They are the nicest satin lip I have tried! They are the definition of satin in texture! Smooth but thin! They are nice! Did that make sense? Did I get my point across? I like them! They just don’t compete with the loves of my life…the Velour Liquid Lipstick!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Have you tried these? What did you think?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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