First Impression | Glov Makeup Remover

I received this in one of my LookFantastic Beauty Boxes and was excited as my friend raves about microfibre makeup removing cloths, so was excited to see if it genuinely works because I’ve seen hyped competing microfibre cloths practically pressed on the eye and it removes makeup which I found hard to believe!

I like the packaging and the fact it is made starch so it will degrade in 12 months, rather than 500 years for a regular plastic bag! Which is great as using this “GLOV” is saving the planet as well as they are designed to be as easy as makeup wipes, so it attracts that audience who uses makeup wipes! And for anyone who wears makeup who wants easy removal who is also aware of the planet! Very nice indeed, I am very impressed with this!

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty if using this. When I say this feels soft, oh my goodness, I can’t describe how soft it is! It feels lovely on removal of makeup and when you add water it still feels silky and soft on the face! It isn’t harsh in the slightest, not like those vile Clarisonic brushes! They make me wince and the thought! This is the polar opposite, it feels so luxurious, wiping your face with something so soft!

But does it actually work? That is what we want to know, and as you can see, it does work. I would like to point out my eyebrows are a waterproof gel. And I was expecting them to have some remnants as only oil removes them! So for water, and that’s it, to remove 50% was good! My mascara was waterproof too! And for it to remove most of it was also impressive, as it is being removed with something it is supposed to repel! The face makeup was the easiest to remove! It literally MELTED off! And left my face feel so clean and not in the slightest bit aggravated!

All in all I really liked this for face makeup! I love the concept being for the environment! For waterproof makeup, it doesn’t work as well, but that is literally because you are using the thing it’s supposed to repel! Like I said. BUT, if I used this with my oil cleanser, my goodness, this would work so well to remove it quickly and effectively!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Have you tried these?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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