Life Update | Endometriosis Update, Operation, New Diagnosis, Dream Uni Course and More…

Bit of a different post today, but I need to update you on some things that are going on in my life! Might explain some things and reasons why I’ve mentioned certain things in blog posts! Let’s get onto it!

So this week, Tuesday to be exact, I had my second laparoscopic surgery. As you may know I’ve been on the Depo Provera since December. And hurrah, some good news! No new adhesions, scar tissue is managed and my periods have stopped! My surgeon showed me pictures of my ovaries and uterus and they look clean, which is fantastic.

It’s not all going to be good news though is it? It’s me we are taking about! So, while he was in there he noticed my bowel was very very large. 10x the size it should be, were his exact words. So he’s referring me to a bowel specialist to sort me out. I’m scared. Crohns runs in my family and the thought of the tests that I’d need to go through like colonoscopies absolutely TERRIFY me! But on the plus side, it’s a lot more easily fixable than endometriosis! Absolute worst case scenario is a stoma, but if it means my quality of life will be improved and I can pursue my dream, that’s what I’ll do! I have amazing friends, a fantastic boyfriend and the best mum and sister so my support network is secure! So we shall see!

My dream you were asking? Or not, but I’ll tell you anyway! This degree is everything to me! And I have decided with my stamina being affected by my ill health, nursing will not be the right career for me! So I racked my brains and thought I wanted to help people still, especially with mental health issues. But I don’t want to give up my art. Art therapy! Being an Art Therapist! It was a lightbulb moment and I googled courses! And this degree popped up and I fell IN LOVE!!!! It is perfection and everything I could want from a course! I need to do an access course in my nearest city to gain the UCAS points but once I’ve done that, I’m off on a merry adventure to become an Art Therapist! How exciting!

What else is going on. Well I’m unemployed as the pain I’m getting from what I thought was endometriosis is still horrendous but it’s my bowel instead. Pelvic pain is horrendous and I’m sleeping on average 3 hours a night. That’s it. Which is hard. I know I’m poorly because I haven’t drawn or painted for weeks! And I wouldn’t go a day without a paint brush or pencil in my hand! And I’ve tried EVERY painkiller! Opioids, antispasmodics, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers EVERYTHING! And the pain clinic have given up on me and can only recommend acupuncture…which I would need to pay for might I add! And being unemployed, that’s an absolute joke!

And that is what’s going on in my life right now! Still trying to post everyday but if I miss a few days, you know why. Sorry if this was a bit negative and miserable but I shall resume with glittery sparkly goodness next!

I hope you found this interesting to read!

Thank you so much for reading 💛✨

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