Full Review | Jeffree Star Cosmetics “Alien” Palette

My best friend owns this palette and we played with makeup together and she said I could take it home to borrow, so I could review it for my blog! She knows I’m struggling for money, so trying new products is difficult to afford right now, and I was so grateful she let me review some of her makeup! And I ADORE Jeffree Star just as much as her, so I was excited to try it!

The packaging is unlike anything else! It is so freaking cool! The alien component doesn’t affect my organisation issues when it comes to the shadow layout either, which I thought it would! I love the size of it and how unique it is. It’s an amazing display piece alone, let alone a product you can use! Superb!

The formula is just like all of the other Jeffree Star products I have tried! The quality is delicious! The shimmers are so incredibly creamy and pearlescent while the mattes are so smooth and buttery! They blend a dream too, which I was worried about it not being that way with the colours being such unique tones! But nope, they blended seamlessly and flawlessly! Which I was so chuffed with! My favourite shades I used was Moon Rock, Phone Home, Interstellar and Tall Grey! Moon Rock is the most perfect khaki gold! It swatches for MILES too! Phone Home is a gorgeous dusky rose shade which can be worn on its own for a gorgeous subtle wash of mauve, or pair it with the greys to smoke it up in a unique pink way! Interstellar is a gorgeous highlight shade, I even wore it on the cheekbones and it was gorgeous! It is Jeffree Stars equivalent of Nylon by MAC, but is the buttery, metallic, “hotter than you” sister of it! Tall Grey is a beautiful smokey blue/grey, kind of like up the colour of a Russian Blue cat! It compliments my green eyes so well, but would work well with any eye colour, which is fab!

The one, and only shade that I struggled with was Space Cowboy. It was the ONLY shade that didn’t work well for me. It was a bit patchy and clung to the drier patches of my eye, and looked deeper in some areas and lighter in others! But it can still work, you just need to put a bit more effort into it! It looks brown, but it actually is more grey/black on the lid! So it doesn’t necessarily match the pan colour, so I applied it with a look I would have rather had a brown hint to, rather than the grey. But hey ho, it want the worst!

The following looks are what I got to create with this palette! Take a peek!

Alien, Gravitea, Martian Soil, Abduction, Flying Saucer, UFO
Abduction, Ghost OG, X Files, Moon Rock, UFO
Area 51, Interstellar, Phone Home, Space Cowboy
Titan, Ghost OG, Tall Grey, Black Hole, X Files, Pluto
Interstellar, UFO, Alien, Area 51, Flying Saucer, Martian Soil, Abduction

All in all I loved the looks I got to create with this and loved the formula and all but one shades! You could create amazing grungey looks, you could do fun colourful looks or super classy neutral looks. So much more versatile than first anticipated, based on my initial glance of the colours. You see the neon shades and ignore the likes of Gravitea and X-Files which can be used for an everyday neutral look! But add a pop of those neon shades to take your looks out of this world…see what I did there? I’ll stop (sorry).

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Have you tried this palette? What did you think?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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