First Impression | Natura Herb Infused Sheet Mask

I got this in my LookFantastic box, and it reeeeeally appealed to me. I’m a herb queen. Thyme, Rosemary, Basil, Fennel, Sage…I love it all. Both to eat but also their healing properties really fascinate me! So was super up for this! Especially while I’m post op, I need all of the pampering and healing I can get!

I was nervous at first when it said blemish control as those kind of masks usually dry my skin out. But I read the back and it specifically said “while hydrating the skin” or something to that effect. So I relaxed, ripped the packet and away we went!

The mask itself felt lovely. A soft and thick texture with a slight bit of rigidity so it stays on the face well and doesn’t slip slide and bend all over. I liked how it needed a bit of warmth to soften it, so it fit the contours of your face better! The smell. Oh lord the smell! It smelt so fresh and soothing! Kind of like thyme, which is one of my favourites! My sister actually buys a thyme soap every time I’m round, to make me feel special! Bless her! It feels really hydrating on the face, and instead of their being a lotion/serum like texture on the mask, it was more like a toner; very watery! But it felt lush!

I’ve never looked better!

All in all I really liked the way it made my face feel. I removed it after 15 minutes and my skin felt tacky, which I LOVE! As I feel like I have a layer of hydration protecting my face! And as I have dehydrated skin, that is a feeling I lust to have! And this satisfied that craving! And felt delightful! I felt pampered, soothed and hydrated! Bliss!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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