Sample Snippet #3 | TONYMOLY Banana Sleeping Pack

I got this sample with an order, which store I’m unsure, but I thought I was so chuffed as I’ve heard amazing things! Plus banana scented things is my jam! I adore them and I also love an overnight mask! Merge the two together and we are on to a winner!

I will be honest, I’ve had this sample for ages, and just haven’t used it up yet! So I opened the packet one night, when I woke up super early and thought I’d see how it feels and monitor my skins hydration levels and whether it soaks in fully or I still am left with product after a while!

On application is felt so creamy and luxe feeling. My skin almost let out a sigh of relief as I rubbed it into my face! It felt so hydrating and soothing for my face!mi had a bit of irritation from a harsher mask, and it illuminated any soreness and redness almost instantly! It had a lovely smooth finish, not tacky, but didn’t soak in fully, which I really liked! As I like my skin to have a barrier layer of hydration! After around 6 hours the barrier was still there too so I can imagine if you can sleep (I’m suffering from pain related insomnia so I don’t sleep much at all) you’ll wake up and it’ll still feel hydrated and nourished! Which is lovely!

I liked this sample so much I’ve already purchased the full size! I was exceptionally impressed! And loved how it made my skin feel, and my skin loved it too!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! What’s your favourite overnight mask of the moment?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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