Declutter #1

I think it is so important to go through your makeup as often as possible just to see if there are any products you can donate or get rid of to keep your collection as useable and concise! I have a lot of “old” products that I don’t use anymore, or products I’m keeping because of the hype surrounding them but deep down, I really don’t like them! So these are the products I’m getting rid of and the reasons why!

Benefit POREfessional (regular and pearl) – I hate this product, it sticks to my dry patches and makes my skin feel too silicone-y which I hate! I much prefer my skin to feel hydrated! So I’m getting rid of these and giving them to someone I know likes them!

Benefit boi-ing (01) – This is a lovely concealer but it’s so old now! I used this for years, and the same pot (which I know is gross!) so it’s time to get rid as I have so many concealers that are in date and not gross looking now!

LA Girl Endless Semi Permanent Lip Liners (Berry, Plum, Nectar) – I have so many lip liners, and these colours I’m genuinely not using anymore! The formula is alright! I quite liked them, but the two shades are so similar and the bright orange isn’t a shade I would use anymore! Plus the one in the front (Plum) is nearly empty so they have had their use!

LA Girl Pro-Conceal (Peach) – I LOVE this concealer, but this shade is just too dark for me. It is the peach shade and it just isn’t looking great on my pale skin! So I’m decluttering this so I can start using the products that actually do suit me!

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil (Milk) – I hate these, and bought it just because of the hype! It exaggerates the texture on my eyes. It looks so claggy on my lids and patchy af! I hate them! I do not get why it gets the hype! I’ll admit, I could have been unlucky and gotten a bad one, but either way, I do not like it!

Zoeva Premiere Collection Lip Crayons (Theatrical Extravaganza, Extreme Costumes) – I loved the texture of these, but the colours just aren’t what I go for anymore! I have had these for over a year, and have worn them twice! The nude one, I loved! And bought my mum the same one because she loved the colour! But these two are just not “me” so I’m decluttering them!

e.l.f. Moisturising Sleep Mask – This was horrid! It took seconds to sink in, and didn’t leave me skin feeling soft or hydrated! I have very dehydrated skin that drinks up moisture in seconds! So this didn’t suit my skin type, and would probably be better for an oilier skin type that are looking for hydration but not a long standing tacky hydration!

I ❀ Revolution Chocolate Bar Palettes – The quality of these are okay, and I’ll be honest, I’ve held onto these for the packaging! They are so stinking cute! But I just don’t like the formula as much as other palettes I have! And they are quite bulky and are taking room in my drawers and I haven’t used them in months! So I’m deciding to declutter them. A lot of them have been heavily used, and I’ve hit pan on a few shades as before I couldn’t afford higher end palettes! So these were my go to. But now, I’m lucky to have my other items in my collection, so these aren’t getting the use or love anymore!

Bellapierre Banana Powder – I got this in my first ever LookFantastic Box, and it is just to deep of a yellow shade for my skin so I’m not getting the use out of it! It hasn’t been used so I am giving it to someone who I know will prefer it and it will suit!

Kiko Eyeshadow – I’ve had this so long that the name has rubbed off but it was my go to base shade for ages! But it is old, and last time I wore it, I had an itchy eye, and I’m not risking conjunctivitis for ANYTHING! SO, in the bin it will go! But it is great, and I love the quality of Kiko eyeshadows! Highly recommend!

The Body Shop Honey and Oat Face Mask – This was my go to face mask for YEARS! I always applied it every week, without fail on a Sunday in the shower! It is mildly exfoliating, hydrating and feels lovely. It’s just so old. I’ve had this one for ages (years) so I’m deciding to declutter it so I don’t break out! It is well and truly excited!

Pixi Pat Away Concealing Base – This is a lovely concealer, but it is drying out and last time I wore it it looked so crusty on my face, so it’s time to get rid of it, there isn’t much left either, so I decided to get rid of it! But it is lush, when it isn’t expired! Covers blemishes so well! Under eyes can look texture with it. But it’s a really fantastic concealer that I would absolutely repurchase!

L’Oreal Infallible More Than Concealer – I really liked this concealer, but similar to the Pixi one, it has dried out and looked so bad on my skin last time I tried it! But when it is brand new it is amazing! So full coverage but lovely and blendable and it lasts SO WELL on the skin!

And those are all of the items I’m decluttering! I have a lot of makeup, it is my passion and my hobby but sometimes I hold onto things that need chucking or given to someone who would appreciate them more! So it was time to do a cleanse!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Anything you’ve decluttered recently? Let me know!

Thank you so much for reading!! πŸ’›βœ¨

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