Full Review | Lime Crime Plushies Liquid Lipstick

If you don’t remember I did a mini review on these when I went through all of the Lime a Crime Lip Products I had tried. And the first one I picked up was Milk Tea. And it was a successful discovery, as I really liked it! So thought right…let’s try some more shades to see how consistent these are! And it’s time for it’s very own, in depth and dedicated review! Keep on reading!

Can we take a moment to discuss the packaging. Adorable. I am a font GEEK! And I adore the font they used and the way it had an open fill to it! So gorgeous! And that teddy bear lid? Can you just stop it please, I can’t cope! So much so, I’m doing a “my favourite makeup products” painting, and it’s appearing in it! Not that that warrants the amazement of it, but to me, it does!

The formula! It’s very different to my all time favourite liquid lipsticks; Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipsticks. These are thinner and wetter! You can’t carve a sharper line, but they are more of a softer faded out tint; reminiscent to the Colourpop Ultra Blotted Lips, but a tad more pigmented on the lips, over around the lip line! Like I mentioned, it’s a quite wet formula. To begin with. But they do try down, it just takes a little bit longer! But I tend to put this on, do my contour, blush and highlight and then it is dry by the time I’ve finished that. The thing that gets me so hyped about these lip products is how COMFORTABLE they are once they have set! And how well the last, and even when they do fade, they do so evenly and in a stain like way! They are matte, but feel so undetectable on the lips! It remotely drying and I’ve been suffering so badly with dry lips. As you can probably see by the pictures! But it doesn’t exaggerate the texture or irritate the texture! It still feels super smooth when I press my lips together! Just wonderful!

I’m not going to discuss what I like about each shade!

Top/Bottom – Milk Tea, Melon Smoothie, Rose Bud

Milk Tea – This is the most perfect mauve neutral lip! And was the first one I ever picked up, and it was the one I fell in love with the most! I love wearing this with a cool smokey eye to enhance the grey in the mauve, or I love wearing it with a rose/blush smokey eye to enhance the rose tones in the mauve! It is also fab with a dark black eyeliner or even a purple eyeliner! You could look like a grunge goddess; a look I love for!

Melon Smoothie – This is the most gorgeous warm peachy/terracotta nude! I love wearing this with warm tones to create a cohesive look. But this with an olive green eye also looks INSANE! It doesn’t compete with the look and it brings you any warmth or gold in the green! It’s lush! It is so neutral too that you can wear it with a really dark smokey eye and again, there will be no competition! Which is great!

Rose Bud – One of my favourite, all time, Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick is Rose Matter, and I ran out because I used it SO much. So I bought this as a replacement and it did not disappoint. Entirely different formula, like I said it’s more of a faded stain like finish rather than a sharp and pigmented coat of colour! Which I’m really into at the minute. So until I can repurchase the Jeffree Star one again (and it’s actually in stock) I’ll be happy to wear this to satisfy my rose pink craving! I love wearing it with pinky tones to create a cohesive look. Or with a no makeup makeup look, and this can be my pop of colour!

All in all I really love these! They are an entirely different texture and finish to the Jeffree Star ones. So if you picked these up it’s not like you are repurchasing things you a,ready have. The blotted and faded finish is just divine and super grungy. I’m very much into that look in the autumn!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Have you tried these!

Thank you so much for reading! πŸ’›βœ¨

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