First Impression | Revolution Skincare Hyaluronic Acid Overnight Hydrating Mask

Oh I do love an overnight mask! Mainly because I struggle getting out of bed to wash the mask off. So if I can just go to sleep with it on and let it work it’s magic, jobs a good’un! Hyaluronic acid is my FAVOURITE ingredient. It is delightful, does wonderful things to my skin, like it DRINKS it up! So a Hyaluronic Overnight Mask? Yes please!

The packaging is so clean looking! It looks like something you could display in your bathroom and it looks like you know your stuff about skincare. When in actual fact you learnt everything from Caroline Hirons, and have to refer to her blog on then daily. Anyway, I digress. Packaging is great, and considering the price, it feels pretty luxury, with the glass jar! But it’s literally around the £10, which is magical!

You don’t need much of this product at all! It is pretty darn concentrated, which I considered both cost effective and handy that you know this going to do wonderfulness to your skin! On application if feels very smooth. It is thicker than expected but I’m a nourishing/hydrating way, over claggy and gross. You know, I’m all about being technical here! I use my mask brush so I don’t get my fingers in there, not that I’m grubby, but I don’t want to get my natural oils from my skin in the pot. I smoothed it over my skin with the brush, and it didn’t tingle/sting, but it did feel cooling/warming (well that’s an oxymoron and a half but you know what I mean, you feel like it’s working without it feeling like it’s ripping your face off).

I left it on overnight, it didn’t stain my pillows or leave them grease stained. Which is fab! It left my skin feeling so soft and so plump. It was so lovely! One thing I did notice was when I washed my face the next morning, I had dead skin on my face peel off. Which was interesting! And that simply added to how soft my skin felt and maybe the reason I had the oxymoron of a warming/cooling sensation was due to the exfoliation. Which was fantastic, as the usual exfoliation hurts my delicate skin! So this was a hydrating form of exfoliation while nourishing the skin and keeping it plump and moisturised.

All in all I adore this mask! It visibly works wonders and I can’t stop touching my face! Not in a weird way, like I’ll wait until I am alone! I’m not going to be in TKMaxx in the queue and running my hands over my face! But my skin is that soft, it would cross my mind. This has taken a weird turn, I’m sorry, I’ll wrap this up!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Have you tried this mask? What do you think?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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