Monthly Favourites | October 2019

We literally have one more of these and then it is the yearly favourites! How crazy is that. I know it’s cliche to say but seriously. This year has flown by! October was a weird month. I had an operation and found out I have yet another thing wrong with me. Great, she said sarcastically. But using these products have been brightening my days!

Revolution Skincare Superfruit Essence Spray – Thisnhss been a delight to use after toning my skin! It smells….absolutely INCREDIBLE! Like a fruity dream. It really settles my skins tightness and dehydration while brightening my complexion as well! I really notice a difference in my skins luminosity when I use this! It’s more than just a mundane face spray, in my opinion!

Milani Baked Blush (Luminoso) – This has literally been all the rage for so long, and I literally used it around three times for a review. Liked it, but it went back in my drawer. I pulled it out at the end of September and good lord it’s gorgeous! The perfect tone of peach for my skin tone; not too pink or yellow! It isn’t too light or too dark! And it has a wonderful luminosity to it, funnily enough! It’s been a delight to wear this month! So much so, it’s in my Shop My Stash for the next few weeks!

Juvia’s Place The Douce Palette – This palettes tone is simply delightful. Creamy pastels, vivid brights and versatile neutrals! I really enjoyed playing with all the looks with it! Not just for the review, but to wear out and about too! And I got compliments, especially when I wore the Creme shade! I don’t know whether that is because it contrasts with my eyes or if it’s the “in colour”. But I’ve loved wearing it! Genuinely got excited about doing my makeup when using this palette!

MUA Pro Base Foundation – This Foundation was such an unsung hero of a product! I bought it in May time hoping to do a review, nothing too major, and it only cost £3.33. But I was not just pleasantly surprised but blown away! But as the summer went on I preferred a glowier appearance! But now we are getting cooler in the UK I was feeling matte skin again, and it has literally only been this foundation I’ve wanted to wear ALL month!

Jeffree Star Skin Frost (Peach Goddess) – This has a lovely hue to it! It is a cool toned peach it that makes sense. Undetectable in colour, but it has a delightful silvery effect to it! Which is perfect for this time of year! Frosty almost! I took this because I needed a big mirror for visiting my sister and going round my boyfriends, and I really enjoyed using this! It enhanced every look beautifully. So buildable but you can get a lovely, intense and shiny finish! Now back to using up my Morphe “Spark”, for my project pan, it it was a lush interlude!

And those are my favourites of the month! I hope you enjoyed this blog post! What has been your stand out product this month?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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