First Impression | Benefit Boi-ing Cakeless Creaseless Concealer

Oh I love a concealer! If it’s a good enough concealer, I’ll wear it alone, just over blemishes and my under eyes and let the rest of my skin show through naturally! I know, who’d of thought of me embracing my freckles! But I am! Anyway, I digress. I saw Tati try this and she was impressed. And she’s a harsh critic. But sometimes I forget we have different skin types. But I’ll move onto that later! But I knew this was on the list to try! So I picked it up with my boots points when it first came out and only just got round to trying it!

As an artist, I ADORE the packaging! It’s a freaking pencil, how could you not love it! It’s adorable! It is also practical as well as gimmicky/attractive, rather than bland or unusable. Nice doe foot applicator, quite flexible too. Which goes around the curve of your eye very comfortably! Very nice indeed.

The product itself has great coverage! I have redness and blueness around my eyes and a lot of redness and freckles along my nose. I also am suffering from hormonal breakouts currently too and it covers them up wonderfully! I started off with a small amount, and to be honest, the coverage was so good, I didn’t even need to go back in for more! It spread evenly and further than expected! I was impressed on that respect.

But we did run into some problems outside of coverage. It was a very dry consistency and almost self setting. Which I like usually. But this almost bunched up in between my texture. I wouldn’t go as far as saying cakey, as I didn’t apply enough to be cakey! But it cling to my dry patches like a baby koala! It also exaggerated my pores on the centre of my cheeks which rarely happens for concealers on me.

It is NOT a bad concealer though. It’s just not for my skin type. Remember how I said Tati made me buy this. Well her skin is on the oilier side. So I should have take that into account! I think if you have an oily complexion, this will really suit you. My texture is all down to my dryness on my face! If you don’t suffer from dryness or as much texture then this might work wonderfully for you! However if, like me, you suffer from a drier complexion, this will exaggerate any texture or dryness!

Mildly disappointed for myself but I’m glad I tried it, and I’ll probably give it to my sister who has an oiler complexion! Or my mum who doesn’t suffer from texture at all! We shall see! And I can definitely see why people like it! But again, the people who have liked it have oilier or less textured skin than me. Hey ho, I’ll continue with my Colourpop No Filter or Obsession Mega Conceal!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much my reading! 💛✨

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