Full Review | The Douce By Juvia’s Place

My best friends were exceptionally naughty. And they bought me this palette out of the blue and I was so shocked and touched as they knew it was on my list to purchase! I was particularly attracted to the colour scheme and how there were brights and pastels and neutrals that were both cohesive together or made a statement with the other colours! I was most excited to dig my fingers in. Not actually though…makeup is precious and deserves tenderness and respect…

The packaging is absolutely gorgeous! I love the holographic sheen to the palette and the lady illustrations as always are absolutely gorgeous! It gave me a vibe of a French Patisserie and when I read the shade names it only validated that, as clearly that was the vibe they were going for!

The formulas are very typical of Juvia’s Place! Pigmented yet buildable mattes for ease of a seamless blend! And the shimmers are so creamy and vivid in pearl! Simply divine! The shades I found I used the most was Chocolat, Creme and Puffs! Chocolat is the richest most beautiful, deep brown that can be build up to a bold dark smokey eye or blended so softly to add a bit of depth to any of the other colours! Creme has been a colour I have wanted in my collection for a while! A pastel coral. And it certainly didn’t disappoint! It could be used so softly for a pinky hue but build up to an almost neon yet pastel coral! Just such a lovely colour! Puffs was probably my favourite shimmer out of them all. It has a silveryness to it while very much being a baby pink, if that makes any sense! Such a unique shade! And I loved how it looked in the inner corner or on the centre of my lid! The only shade I found didn’t work well for me, but that could be down to me skin tone being too similar to it, was Berry Mousse. It was a nice shade, and when swatched it was pigmented. But it wasn’t the most detectable on my eye. I used it mainly for a base for other shades, or if I wanted to blend Chocolat into nothing. But every other shade, performed so so well!

These are some of the looks I was a able to create with this palette! I adored wearing this palette the week I tested it out! And got compliments also! Which never happens! Always when wearing Creme!

Crepes, Chocolat, Puffs, Creme
Berry Mousse, Chocolat, Custard, Mont Blanc, Tart
Creme, Crepes, Chocolat, Macarons
Creme, Custard, Tart
Berry Mousse, Chocolat
Macarons, Berry Mousse, Puffs, Crepes

Overall this palette is just divine and so unique in colour scheme and tone! It was so versatile too. You could create vibrant and vivid looks or to contrast with that you could create some wonderfully simple and neutral looks! I highly recommend it, and as all of my Juvia’s Place palettes, it did not disappoint!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨


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