Inside The Makeup Drawer On YouTube?

Yep, you read that right! I have finally been given to push to start a YouTube channel! This is a corresponding concept to go with my blog, so don’t worry, I’m not giving this up! And I’m still hoping to post as often as I can on here, but also posting on YouTube as well! So let’s get straight to the point and give you the link the check it out!

So I thought long and hard about this decision! It is a commitment to say the least! However I thought in this post I’d delve into what made me come to this decision, and what I’m hoping to get out of it!

What? Why?

That is the question. Well to be frank, with my illness, I’m running out of things I can do. Painting and drawing is a no go now because of my pain, so I need stuff that I can do from my bed or bedroom floor, close to my bed. I also need stuff that will keep,me occupied for a long time, as I’m up most of the night, on my own and it’s lonely and when the pain and sadness sets in! So editing videos seemed exceptionally appealing as they take a great deal of time and effort, which in turn will distract me from my pain and make morning come sooner! And talking to a camera in the day, when I’m home alone, will make me feel less isolated too! All in all, it’s a win win situation. I have a mouth on me; I could talk for BRITAIN! And have lots of topics I enjoy discussing and like having my own little space where I can discuss glittery goodness!

I do not want fame, money or glory. If you are going into YouTube expecting that you are going in for the wrong reasons. For me I’m going in for a distraction from my pain, a hobby and the love of makeup! I’m not a makeup artist by any means, but I do have some knowledge and a whole lot of passion, so thought I would give it a go! I hope I will continue with this for a long time, but even if it’s just until I’m better, then it will serve a purpose of helping me heal! And I’ll be forever grateful for a platform like this to help lil old me!

Like I mentioned I’m still hoping to post consistently on here. However there will be days when I need a break or need to focus on YouTube just to kick start my knowledge on video editing etc. Certain series will remain entirely for my blog! However some will have corresponding videos or vice versa! And other elements will move entirely to a video format! For example my makeup play series, I feel, would be far more beneficial to be in a visual representation over a written. I am also going to say goodbye to the Lyric Inspired Makeup series. As I’m not so inspired with that series anymore! So am going to think of a replacement series to go in it’s place on my blog, or think of another idea for YouTube! I haven’t quite decided!

I would really appreciate if you subscribed to my channel, and had a little delve into it. Do leave any suggestions for content too, in the comments!!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and join me on this journey!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

2 Replies to “Inside The Makeup Drawer On YouTube?”

  1. I really need to make a new youtube signin . I would totally follow and watch your videos . I’ve been mainly using youtube for music , but now theres so many people from wordpress on youtube too .


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