First Impression | Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadows

Perfect. I have found my Colourpop UK dealer! Omg that sounds so bad, but you know what I mean! I found a lady that sells GENUINE Colourpop for amazing prices! So had to invest in these bad boys because I have heard so many amazing things about them!and was very keen to get my hands on some! I knew I wanted Goodbye Butterfly and I knew I wanted REM!

I like the packaging. They kind of remind me like buttons, nice and cute! They are compact and travel friendly! All in all faultless packaging!

They come in various finishes. I will go through them more in depth to match the swatches and explain what I like/dislike about the finishes! The finishes are as followed.

Ultra Glitter – Probably my favourite texture! Very creamy but with an intense glitter running through the shadow! My favourite favourite shade of this finish is REM and Six In The City!

Pearlised/Tie Dye -This finish is newer and can sometimes be found in the same as the others but in brackets! I have the shade Mermaid Kiss! I adore this finish because you can customise it depending on the pearled colours you choose to apply!

Ultra Metallic – My favourite shade of this is IRL, which is a limited edition shade, but they are a lovely finish! They shiny but not glittery! And can get a gorgeous duochrome with some too!

Matte – My next favourite texture! These blend a dream and I love applying them as bases for eyeshadows! My favourite shades of these are Bill, Kennedy and Brady! So smooth and blendable!

Satin – These are the happy mediums of the matte and ultra glitter! They are a matte shade but have a lovely glitter running through them! Wattles and Goodbye Butterfly are my favourites of them all!

L/R – Mermaid Kiss, Goodbye Butterfly, Six In The City, IRL, REM, Kennedy, So Quiche, Soul-cialise

The formulas are delightful, they all feel very similar and it is just the finishes are different! They are a soft creamy texture that set to a slightly powdery finish, but still have a stretch finish. I haven’t had any trouble with creasing with these but don’t have oily eyelids. And they are hooded too, but still creasing isn’t an issue with them, which I love!

The only shade I was massively disappointed with was So Quiche, which could be down to me getting a bad one. But it was very chunky in texture. Pigmented, don’t get me wrong. But it was chunky in glitter and the pigment too which meant I got it all over my face. The colour as well was a bit boring; it looked like there was a pink shift to it online and even in the pan. However on the eye and swatched, it is just a muddy brown shade. Big disappointment.

My favourite shades out of all of the ones I own are Bill, Goodbye Butterfly, REM and IRL! I find I use these the most because they not only make for a lovely wash of colour on the lid on a day I don’t want much on my eyes. But they make for fantastic bases for proper eyeshadow looks! Eyeshadows blend gorgeously over the top of them and as there is a pigment underneath or a bit of shimmer underneath, they are just lovely! Desperate to get some more now!

The following pictures are looks I have created with the Supershock Eyeshadows in this post!

Goodbye Butterfly, Mermaid Kiss, Soul-cialise, So Quiche,
Six In The City (on the lid)
REM on the inner portion of the lid
Soul-cialise, IRL, So Quiche, Kennedy, Six In The City

All in all I think these are amazing, and I haven’t found anything else in the makeup world that is similar in texture, quality and finish! They are just gorgeous! I even just bought my best friend her first one, I bought her Ripple! Which was a gorgeous Metallic cool toned purple with a turquoise duochrome! And she loves them just as me! I adore these! I want them all! It’s an addiction…and I’m not even sorry!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Anyone have any shade recommendations? Not that I need encouragement to buy more…but PLEASE!

Thank you so much for reading! ๐Ÿ’›โœจ

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