First Impression | Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil

Having dry and dehydrated skin, I really love oils for my face! Especially cleansing oils as I find they remove makeup effortlessly without stripping my face from moisture which I find so important for my dry (almost crusty) skin! So I was excited to see a cheaper alternative one available! As my favourite ones surpass the £10 mark, and I got this on sale for around £4.99! Which was awesome! Even full price I think it’s around £6, so it’s still more affordable than the usual cleansing oils!

The packaging is synonymous with all simple packaging. Clue in the name, simple. But I like that! The green lid helps it stand out in the bathroom and all the typography and claims in there helps you remind that is is a good product to use! The “no harsh chemicals” especially caught my eye. As a lot of “hydrating things” still have alcohol in them, which dry out your skin! I checked this, and it does not have any alcohol in it! So the claim of hydration is very much valid!

Initial reaction, it had a lovely texture. Light weight but oily, which is what I like. A heavy oil feels claggy on this skin, so this felt just like water but worked a dream at melting off makeup. Not the biggest lover of the scent, probably because it is “natural” and there is not perfume, but it does smell a little off, but it disappears after using and doesn’t perfume the face afterwards. So it doesn’t stop me from using it at all. And in fact, it is good it smells so natural as you know there are no nasties that are going to break you out!

I decided to wear a heavy face of makeup the day I tried this out, just to test how it worked! I applied lashes, a dark lip and a matte foundation. Obviously I removed my lashes beforehand, I wouldn’t want to waste another use out of them! I applied 2/3 drops on my hand, like advised, and started to massage it into my face! And immediately, my mascara and my lip was breaking down! I applied some water to the residue on my hand and it emulsified lovely too, creating an almost milk like consistency! I massaged that into my face again and more and more makeup has dripping off my face. I was very impressed at how quickly it removed it all! And how thoroughly. So much so, when I toned my face, I specifically targeted the areas like the sides of my cheeks that normally have residue left over. And not a single smear of colour was visible on that cotton pad! I was so chuffed!

All in all this product is fantastic! And performs just as well as my favourite ones like the Superfacialist and The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil! And for a fraction of the price. Usually between Superdrug or Boots, they normally have an offer on Simple Skincare so you could probably get it for around £5! Melts off make up so easily and effortlessly. And thoroughly might I add!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨


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