Full Review | Jeffree Star X Shane Dawson “Conspiracy” Palette

So I’ve done a full review of this on my YouTube, however I thought it deserved its own blog post as well! When Shane started his series and I knew he was going to be making a palette, I knew I wanted it! However knew I wouldn’t be buying it for a while because of my funds! My best friend however, was going to pick it up, but she didn’t manage to get ahold of it. Or so I thought. The next morning, she sent me a message saying “Do you want to know a surprise”. And she told me she managed to get ahold of the conspiracy palette, and her husband managed to get ahold of everything else she wanted. She then proceeded to tell me that she picked up TWO of the two palettes…so I’ve could both have both palettes. Shook wasn’t the word! I couldn’t believe it! They spoil me rotten all the time, but this was something else! I still didn’t believe it when they came round and gave it to me…and now I’ve played with it, it has just about sunk in that I own this beauty!

So if you’re reading this….thank you SOOOOOOO much! You are so so naughty! But your naughtiness is very much appreciated! I can’t believe how generous you were! But I’m so grateful! 😘

If you’re interested in seeing my YouTube video, I’ll link that here:


Onto the review! First off the packaging is absolutely insane! It is the perfect hybrid between Jeffree and Shane! And I absolutely adore it! The quality feels so luxe too, which is lovely! The finishing touches like the metal emblem and the black chrome clasps, everything is just spectacular! Very impressed!

Then the colour scheme! This colour scheme is everything to me! I love clashing colours but then putting them together and being like “this doesn’t go so much, it actually goes!” I’m obsessed to say the least! When I first opened this palette, the shades that appealed to me most was Conspiracy and Pig-ment! They caught me eye immediately and I couldn’t wait to smear them all over my face!

The formula! These are literally the most pigmented eyeshadows I have ever used in my life! Like seriously! They are so soft, like the perfect amount of pressing to get that velvety and buttery texture without it being too hardly pressed to warrant less kick up in the pan! I found a little bit of kick up, but I’ll sacrifice that for the pigmentation I get, it’s insane! The shade Diet Cola (the silver) is the most pigmented eyeshadow I have ever used! I hardly needed to dip my brush in there and it was so intense! The shade I didn’t expect to use much, but used sooo much was Illuminatea! It is the most gorgeous deep forest green it with this “alien shift” as they said in their series! And I couldn’t agree more with that description! It goes well with so many of these shades, even when you don’t expect it to! Beautiful! The only shade that I had a teesy bit of trouble with was Food Videos, but it was my own fault. I was trying to use it dry, but it actually needed a wet base underneath! Once I did that, it worked beautifully! No complaints!

These are the looks I created with this palette!

As you can see, I could create such a varied amount of looks! And all the eyeshadows performed beautifully! So harmonious together, even when you think they wont go together! Super happy indeed! You could easily do a bridal chic look, or go crazy with an avant-garde looks! So versatile to how you want to use it! Very impressed!

All in all this palette is so special. It is a symbol of friendship to me. Not only between Shane and Jeffree but also between me and my (extremely naughty) best friends! We really related to the friendship between Shane and Jeffree as they had been used and abused and having their kindness taken for granted. But now they have each other. And my friendship with my best friends is exactly the same! Finally we have a strong and united friendship, after years of being doormats! And we couldn’t feel more secure and happy!

This palette is incredible! I shall not rattle on any further on the quality as the pictures of the looks speak for themselves! The blendability is I like anything else. Beautiful consistencies! Jeffree produces eyeshadows that are incomparable to anything else on the market!

I really hope you enjoyed this review!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨


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