Winter Skincare Routine | 2019

It’s that time of them year where I adjust my skincare to help my crusty skin become a little bit more hydrated! And we’ve had the first frost now, so I feel like I can post this now! I’ve also been trying more products recently and even included a few new ones to my actual routine because I like them so much! So I thought it was time to publish an update!

I’m going to discuss the order I which I do this while a,so including the products I am using currently! Some of these products are solid staples, some I am just using to use up and others I’m trying out to make a full opinion!

  1. Step one is always cleanse. In the AM I use my Pixi Rose Cream Cleanser as it is refreshing to wake me up while hydrating enough to not strip my skin in the slightest! It actually leaves my skin feeling very nourished! In the PM I use my all time favourite, the Superfacialist Vitamin C+ Brighten Skin Renew Cleansing Oil *deep breath* (long name). This works so well, melts of my makeup without too much rubbing and it smells…divine! Like yellow wine gums! It is gorgeous, and I always look forward to using this and am yet to find anything that compares to it!
  2. I then scrub my lips. My lips are SO dry, especially in the winter. And they can get quite sore and chapped. So I use my Jeffree Star Velour Lip Scrub (in the flavour Blue Raspberry Sucker). It not only smells and tastes delicious, but it is granular enough to actually work. And even leaves a layer of hydration on your lips afterwards, which I really enjoy.
  3. I then use my Dr Paw Paw Original Balm on my lips. This is the most hydrating thing I have ever used. And I use it as my lip balm. I even have put it on my eczema on my eyes and within a few days it has not only reduced, but disappeared! Magical stuff. And it is unscented and clear in colour. You can get tinted ones too though!
  4. I then tone! I’m currently using the Caudalie VinoPerfect Brightening Essence. It’s okay, it does the job. The main perk of this product is the smell, like all Caudalie products! It’s lovely. But to warrant the price, it’s only okay. My Pixi Glow Tonic works better in my opinion and is slightly cheaper. And there are even dupes available to that product that are supposed to work well. It’s a nice product, but the only thing i like about it more than the Pixi one is the scent. Other than that, it’s alright! So I’m just trying to use it up!
  5. I then spray my face to dilute the toner and to refresh my face. I am LOVING the Revolution Skincare Sprays at the moment. And the ones I’ve picked out for the Winter are the CBD and the Hyaluronic one as these are the ones most targeted for nourishment and hydration for my crusty ass face. Full review coming soon *winky face*.
  6. I then become a scientist with my pipettes which I wholeheartedly enjoy. Lotion and potion time! I use my Hyaluronic Acid from Revolution Skincare and my Rosehip Oil from Sukin. And these are especially good for dry skin. And I do notice a difference when I use them. Although the smell of the Rosehip oil is rancid! However that is the sign or a pure rosehip oil, so I’m not mad, and it does disperse fairly quickly!
  7. I then apply a serum. I’m currently using my Soap & Glory Make Yourself Youthful Serum. I do have to apply a few pumps to get the desired amount of hydration however I enjoy it. And it smells like lemon drizzle cake! Which is always a winner in my books!
  8. Moisturise me, said Cassandra. Name that reference! But yes, it’s moisturiser. And I’m using up my Glam Glow Waterburst Hydrated Glow Moisturiser. It smells delicious (damn my nose influences me so much!). And it genuinely hydrates me so well. I also adore how it doesn’t sink in straight away! But does fully, it just takes a while. And it leaves me skin so soft and nourished feeling! It’s lush!
  9. Finally eye cream. I’m still making my way through my Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm. I don’t use eye cream all the time (I know shoot me). But when I do, this is the one I use. I’ll be honest, if I didn’t get this free from SpaceNK, I wouldn’t have bought it. Not because it’s bad, but because I’ve never heard of it, and wouldn’t have known when to start! However would I repurchase it? Absolutely! It’s so nourishing and genuinely smooths my dry eyelids so well! I can’t use this on eczema though because damn she burns! That is when I use my Dr Paw Paw!

So that’s the routine, but I also have an extra step in the PM for before I go to bed, an overnight mask! I love the concept of it doing its job while I go to sleep. And these are my favourites!

All of these are wonderful and I enjoy them so much. The TONYMOLY Banana Sleeping Pack smells delightful. And is probably the most hydrating of them all! It has a level of hydration I’ve never felt before. I wake up with such soft skin and still some tackiness! Which I love! The Revolution Skincare Hyaluronic Acid Overnight Mask is lovely for when I want a proper “treatment” rather than a specific moisturiser. I find as it’s an acid, it also exfoliates my skin, but with it being Hyaluronic it does so without stripping and even still hydrating me! The Creme Shop Watermelon Overnight Gelee Mask is lovely. I find if my skin feels tight and irritated but before it cracks or could sting, this is perfect! It cools my skin down so well, soothes it wonderfully and is SO hydrating. Plus it’s a jelly texture, which is super fun in my opinion! The Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask is the mask I use when it is chapped. It is unscented so doesn’t sting and it does hydrate my skin well. I do have to apply a fair amount for the desired feel of nourishment, however it is a fantastic product. I do awake with a difference in my dryness the next day, and it does become less sore after a couple days of use which is amazing!

And that’s my skincare routine! These products are the ones I’m reaching for for various reasons but do find my skin is doing well with the combo of these products! Like I stated, it’s just the toner that is an iffy product for me, but that’s just because the price doesn’t warrant the impact on my skin. It’s nice, but think of all of the synonyms I could use…and I chose “nice”.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! What is your STAND out skincare product for Winter?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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