First Impression | Revolution Vintage Lace Blush Palette

I had some Superdrug points and thought I would treat myself to this as I adore blush, and I thought the colour scheme of this blush palette was so beautiful. I simply couldn’t resist! I loved the sheen and I loved the varying tones and depths!

The packaging is cheap feeling I’m not gonna lie. It is pretty flimsy and has already half broken once so I had to pop the lid back on. But the goods inside. That’s the important thing!

The formula of these are gorgeous! They are pigmented but buildable when you go in there lightly! I love them all for individual reasons which I shall go into later on in this first impression. They feel smooth and blend so evenly on the skin. They do have an overspray of a super metallic and glittery finish. However once that has disappeared there is still a lovely sheen to the skin! It is more subtle, but in more of an ethereal “lit from within” kinda look! The overspray was very chunky and glittery, and it did take a little while to get it all off, but I enjoyed it with and without the overspray! My favourite shade is the plum shade (4). I go in with a light hand it is pigmented, so tap off any excess on my hand, and then I get a lovely buildable texture. It is a lovely wash of warm mauve with a hot pink shimmer to it! It’s so lovely! I find I’m reaching for this so frequently!

T/B- 1, 2, 3, 4

1 – This shade is the most lovely baby pink rose shade! It comes off a tad deeper on the skin but is fairly cool toned so I find it lifts the complexion beautifully! Really illuminates the skin without major sparkle! I adore pairing this with the shade 4 to get a nice flush or mauve-pink!

2 – This is a lovely terracotta shade! So warming and has a lovely spicy undertone to it! I love wearing this with warm toned smokey eyes or a nice gold highlight as it looks so complimentary! When my skin is looking a bit dull, this works so great at giving me that nice warmth and colour to the skin.

3 – This is almost like a warm bronze/rose/peach hybrid shade with a gold sort of shimmer through it. In the picture I went overboard on highlight, but the blush, in the light, did sparkle too, and it is probably the most sheeny of them all! If I don’t know what blush to wear, I go for this as it suits most looks!

4 – My favourite. My love. This is the most gorgeous plum shade that has a hot pink shimmer running through it! It is very warm but the shift is cool so it can work well for so many looks! Like I mentioned I pair this with 1 is they mix together beautifully! I can’t stop reaching for this blush! Obsessed!

All in all I am literally obsessed with this palette! Such an amazing purchase and an even better freebie! I cannot get over the texture! I’ve used more expensive products that simply do not perform as well. I just think the packaging is a bit rubbish. But the product itself is faultless!

I really hope you enjoyed this post! Have you tried this? Do you reckon the matching highlighter palette is worth getting too?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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