Full Review | The Creme Shop Watermelon Overnight Geleé Mask

I know you all know this about me by now but I adore overnight masks! They provide my skin with extra moisture that gets absorbed while I sleep! And when I saw thwt this was watermelon scented I was super excited as I loved her smell of the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask but I just didn’t find it as hydrating as I wanted it to be!

I love the packaging. It’s cute and feels more luxury than the price tag! I think I paid £6 for it at TKMaxx and couldn’t resist! I like the gold lid, it feels very fancy but love how it is like a mason jar lid as I’m obsessed with mason jars! Cute cute cute!

The texture of the mask is very much reminiscent of the kind jellies you can get from the supermarket! Which in love, but I know effects some people. Like my best friend who hates any kind of jelly consistency! You have to kind of break a bit of the mask apart to get it out of the jar, but once you do it feels very fun! And the. Applying it to the face it melts into a gel like consistency. It’s so lovely! It leaves a lovely tackiness to my face! Which I find so nourishing and helps my dryness and dehydrated skin! It

This is how my skin looked on application! I felt ready for bed and knew it would do an excellent job while I was asleep. Which is exactly what it did. I awoke with still some remnants on my face which I loved as my skin has a tendency to feel stripped or tight when I wake! Not the morning after applying this! It left a lovely radiance to my skin too!

I found it far more hydrating and glowy than the Glow Recipe in my opinion. I definitely preferred this immensely! I know the formulas are different and they do different things, but in terms of a watermelon overnight mask for dry skin, I would absolutely pick this!

All in all this is a fantastic product! Hydration, check. Yummy smelling, check. Glowy, check! Long lasting nourishment, double check! Fun texture, check! It is a very much enjoyed addition to my collection and I adore it! I look foreword to the nights I apply my overnight masks, as I’m currently so obsessed with this, I literally don’t reach for anything else! It’s everything! So happy I picked this up on a whim! And couldn’t be more chuffed!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post. What’s your favourite overnight mask?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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