DUPES #3 | Cheeks

Oh I love a dupe! And I love cheek products. Blush, highlighter, bronzer, contour! Highlighter. Blush. Did I mention highlighter? So when I find expensive products I adore, I always try to see if I can find a cheaper alternative, just in case I use it all up and feel my life has a deficit without it! Dramatic? Probably. Accurate? Absolutely.

MAC Blush (Pinch Me) VS MUA Blushed Matte Blush (Rouge Punch) – This is not only an exact dupe in hue and tone but when it comes to the two of them, I find I prefer the MUA one more! Which is crazy and slightly upsetting due to the price difference and i bought the MAC one first! I do find the MAC one lasts longer due to its buildable texture, however the MUA blends a lot more seamlessly without any makeup underneath and I don’t usually wear makeup too long anyway, so the longevity factor isn’t an issue!

Jeffree Star Supreme Frost (Money Honey) VS Colourpop Supershock Shadow (IRL) – The textures are slightly different, but the appearance is identical. The Jeffree Star one is a gel/powder hybrid with intense sparkle. It’s stunning. Whereas the Colourpop one is a cream to “set cream” finish. So they have the same amount of longevity, as even on the eyes the Colourpop one doesn’t crease! So on the face it lasts just as well, if better! But when you all them on top of each other…*dramatic pause*. I can’t even, they are gorgeous! You can sheer them out or build them up in exactly the same way too! Even though the formulations vary, they do act fairly similarly!

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops (Moon Light) VS Revolution Liquid Highlighter (Star Light) – This is another one of this products where the higher end one is a delightful product, but for the price difference and quality, there is a lot of a difference in price but minimal difference in quality! I fact I felt the Revolution one was brighter and lasted longer on the skin as it fully melted into the skin rather than sitting on top of it. They have a lovely pinky/silver finish if that makes sense, very much look Moon and Star Light so the names are very apt! Really lovely products, and I adore wearing these on the high points of the face on a no makeup day!

Smashbox Step By Step Contouring Kit VS LA Girl Pro Contour Powder Duo – Lets just forget that the Smashbox one has a bronzer, which I skilfully covered with the LA Girl product! But in terms of the highlight matte powder and the contour matte powder they are very similar in texture and appearance. The Smashbox one is slightly more sheerer and buildable, whereas you do need a light hand with the LA Girl one. But overall, I have no preference between the two in terms of formula. But I know which one I’ll choose in terms of price!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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