Full Review | Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Palette

When I finally purchased this palette I was so excited by the shade Soul and the overall colour scheme. It as the first Anastasia eyeshadow palette I would have tried. I purchased the Moonchild palette which was abysmal, but I think I got a bad one as my best friend has it and it’s gorgeous! So was intrigued to see how I’d get on with this palette!

The packaging is okay, in my opinion. It doesn’t feel as cheap as the highlight palettes, however still doesn’t warrant the price tag in my opinion. The worst part of it is how mucky it gets, with it being velour! But I don’t mind this too. Icy as the quality of the eyeshadows are gorgeous!

The formula is very soft, which I was told is very consistent in Anastasia’s formulas. The shade Love was probably the softest but it was also one of the most pigmented one! The shade soul lived up the all expectations. It was slightly harder pressed but exceptionally buildable! It was beautiful! The shimmers I found were best applied with a finger as the body heat melted those pearls into the eye a lot better! A brush gave it a more softer appearance, and I like an impactful pigment, so my finger worked better! Celestial and Wild Child were the best in my opinion, however Drama and Dreamer were also beautiful. I found Dazzling and Summer a little too similar to warrant them both in the palette, but they were pretty still. I personally preferred Summer to Dazzling! Eccentric was a lovely addition as a mustard camel shade as it went well as a transition shade but something different to Incense and Volatile which are most traditional transition shades!

These are the following looks I created with this palette!

Soul, Celestial, Dreamer
Summer, Dreamer, Eccentric
Volatile, Base, Love
Drama, Soul, Celestial
Dazzling, Rose Gold, Incense, Volatile
Love, Wild Child, Dreamer, Drama
Summer, Incense, Eccentric, Volatile

All in all I love this palette! It’s so versatile! It can create gorgeous neutral looks but then really beautiful muted colourful looks too! The shades Love, Soul, Celestial and Wild Child are my favourites! However the other shades are lovely too! I just feel the two bronze shades, Summer and Dazzling are somewhat unnecessary! But they are beautiful! I loved playing with this palette and I’m happy to have it in my collection! I just hate how dirty the packaging gets!

I hope you enjoyed this review! Have you tried this palette? Which is your favourite Anastasia Beverly Hills palette?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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