First Impression | Sukin Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

I heard so many benefits about Rosehip oil. The hydration, scar diminishing etc, so when I saw this in TKMaxx I couldn’t resist picking it up as it was the one I was hoping to try anyway! And I got it for a bargain price so can’t complain!

The packaging is great! Very effective in getting the product out, it makes me feel like a scientist which makes me super happy. I know, I’m pathetic, deal with it! I love the wrapper being pink and cute but still fitting with the “organic” theme! It is also cohesive with the other hydrating products in Sukin’s line!

First off, let’s get it out there, this freaking smells so bad. It’s awful, smells rancid! But from what I’ve read the rancidity is just a sign it is more legit Rosehip. It isn’t going to smell like roses. Rosehips and Roses are entirely different species of plants! And Rosehip ain’t a cute smell! However, it means it’s more likely to be more concentrated in genuine Rosehip. So I’m not mad! And the smell does dissipate a few seconds after application!

But actually how wonderful the product is. Let’s get to that! It feels gorgeous on my skin! So hydrating and provides a lovely layer of moisture that soaks in slowly to my skin! Like a more consistent hydration boost rather than an instant boost of hydration! It is so silky feeling! So luxe! And my skin LOVES IT! I adore it!

I noticed that it really did help with scarring! After around a week of using it, a scar on my nose from a blemish had gotten a lot less prominent and dark! Which was something I didn’t know was a benefit of Rosehip oil! But now I know, it makes me enjoy using it a lot more! It also leaves a lovely radiance to my skin, which I really love I have such dull skin especially in the winter! And this lifts my face so wonderfully! It is super hydrating and I find that my dryness and tightness is far less of an issue as soon as I apply this! I’m so happy with all the results I’m getting from this!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post! Have you tried Rosehip oil?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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