Full Review | BHCosmetics “Lavish Elegance” Brush Set

I love brushes, they are my weakness. And I lusted over these brushes for soooooo long. And when I finally got them I was so excited! And the colours of these brushes reminded me of a really fancy chinchilla, the kind of chinchilla wearing a little top hat and a cravat! So needless to say, I needed this set! And I’m so pleased I own them now!

I love the packaging and the fact it comes with a makeup bag as well; brilliant! They are fairly long but tapered and really comfortable to hold and easy to use! The bristles are soooooo soft! Like back to my chinchilla analogy! They are a gorgeous texture! They are synthetic fibres and when washing them, they dry super fast! They blend eyeshadows so effortlessly! My favourite brushes out of the set are 2, 5 and 6 as they are the kind of shapes I reach for most of all, and the fact they are so soft makes me really enjoy applying makeup!

I’m now going to go through each brush and discuss what I use them for. You’ll note I probably use them for different purposes than how they are expected to be use! But you’re not my real mom, so…what can I say!

    All Over Bronzer Brush – I use this brush for powder as it’s the biggest of them all and I find it is fairly dense to really pack that powder onto my face but no so dense that it doesn’t blend the powder out!
    Powder Brush – I use this for bronzer or blush as it is slightly smaller than the previous blush and helps blend the pigment of a bronzer or a blush BEAUTIFULLY. And I’m heavy handed, so it makes things diffuse easily if I accidentally go too ham!
    Precise Blush Brush – I use this for contour and that’s it! It is the perfect size for the hollows of my cheek bones! It blends it effortlessly too!
    Conceal/Highlight Brush – I apply highlight or under eye powder with this brush! I find it is precise enough to press the powder under my eyes softly. Or if I want a heavy highlight, it works well for that too!
    Blending Crease Brush – This is my favourite type of blending brush and it is a stunning brush! When I say this diffused eyeshadow, I mean SERIOUSLY, I get such control over my blend and can really fade the shadows out into nothing! Looooove!
    Tapered Blending Brush – This brush is slightly stiffer so I find it’s easier to pack colour into the crease or all over the lid!
    Dense Crease Brush – I find this is a great brush for packing colour on the lid or outer v!
    Fluffy Shader Brush – I find this brush is great for blending the edges of any eye look. It is dense enough to blend it heavily to soften a look further, but fluffy enough to fade the shadow out into nothing!
    Angled Flat Shader Brush – This is a great brush for packing colour into the outer v as that can really enhance the perfect shape for that area!
    Flat Shader Brush – This brush is great for packing on colour all over the lid! I is fairly dense so really pushes those colours onto the lid with minimal effort!
    Small Detail Brush – This brush is my favourite for “eyeshadow eyeliner”.
    Lip Brush – I actually use this for my cut crease or the inner corner highlight! I find it is very precise and easy to use!
    Precision Eyeliner Brush – This is the perfect smudgey lower lash line brush! It is precise and small but can pack pigment so well!
    Angled Eyeliner/Brow Brush – I use this for my eyebrow powder, to set my pencil!
    Spooley Brush – I use this to comb my eyebrows or brush out a heavy mascara!

All in all I adore these brushes! If you are looking for an array of eye brushes wiphich can be used for packing and blending then I would absolutely recommend these! When I say these are soft, until you feel them, you won’t understand. I will sit and stroke it across my face! I’m not weird I promise. Okay maybe a bit. But I really enjoy using these! And they are so diverse, create wonderful looks and are magical additions to my brush collection. Now i own them, I wouldn’t be without them!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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