First Impression | OPV Metal and Liquid Glitter

Glitter is slowly becoming the way to my heart! And when it’s easy to apply like, in this form, as a liner! I become not only intrigued but lustful over them! They really excite me! So when I saw the colour range of these I was so excited, and picked up the shades that not only appealed to me, but also what I would wear the most with the colours I enjoy wearing most!

The packaging is great, I love how you can see the colour, so you know which one you are picking up, and then I love the rose gold lid! Very travel friendly and sleek but still cute. The brush is thin and picks up a good amount of product. I personally would prefer to have a brush that picks up a lot of product, than one that picks up no product, because you can always wipe off excess but digging for more product is a faff. So that, to me, is perfection when regarding these!

The formula is nice in two of the shades. I find the paler the shades, the better they are. The deeper the shades, I find the harder they are to get a decently consistent swipe of glitter! The purple and green shades, for me, are delightful! They go on so smoothly and are very easy to use! The opacity is sheer enough to have a flash of sparkle without being too thick and claggy. But then opaque enough for it to be visible and really cute! The pink one though, Mystic, I found super difficult to use. And I didn’t just use it once; I tried it around 6 times, and every time it was a struggle! Not a fan of that one at all. But the other two are lovely. Keep that in mind that they don’t all perform the same!

Mystic – When I finally got it to get a decent enough opacity and even coat, I didn’t really like it still. I couldn’t get a nice precise and neat line because the colour was so sheer that I had to build it up so much! Which then made it quite thick and uncomfortable on the eyelid. I would definitely give this one a miss! I tried it in so many different ways! Halo eyes, cut creases, above the lash line, inner corner. And they all turned out appallingly. Nope, not a fan!

Champagne Fantasy – This shade is absolutely gorgeous! It looks deeper in the tube than when it applies on the eye. It’s a super light and soft lavender/periwinkle shade, it’s stunning! I love pairing this with my a Norvina palette because the tones are so similar and complimentary! I love applying it over a cut crease or halo eye best of all, I find it gives that something special to a look!

Flash Light – This is probably my favourite one out of them all! In some lights it’s gold, in other its a moss green, and then it can even be neon in some lights! It’s so pretty I love wearing this with my Juvia’s Place tribe palette! The tones are very reminiscent of each other and I love how cohesive but special it makes the looks come out! Halo eyes and cut crease outlines are probably my favourite way to wear this one too! It’s just lovely!

All in all when these work, they freaking work and are stunning! When they don’t work they are a major flop and are actually super frustrating to use! I would recommend the paler shades, as they seem to be more opaque and smoother on application and look sooooooo pretty! The deeper shades are harder to use, inconsistent in pigmentation and make your looks look messy! Not a fan of that!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Have you tried these? Any shade recommendations?

Thank you so much for watching! 💛✨

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