Top 5 | Eyeshadow Palettes

I eyeshadow palettes are my weakness and the way to my heart! And I tried to do this post in a way of : if I can only keep 5 palettes. Rather than just my favourites, as that way I found it made it more “I need these, I can’t be without them”. Rather than just I get to keep these along with others. I’m trying to think about unique colour stories and not having too many similar colours and having different formulas! So onto the palettes!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Palette – This was a surprise as I didn’t expect to need these, but that soul shade is such a unique shade to my collection. And there are so many other colours that I adore. And when doing this post, I lay all of my palettes out and I couldn’t bear to put this in my “no” pile. I needed to keep it and add this to to my top 5! I loooove it!

BHCosmetics Royal Affair Palette – This palette is the grunge lovers dream! But then it has blinding metallics in there too! I love every shade in this palette and that’s how I knew I needed to have this in my top 5! My favourite shades in this is Lady, Emperor, Enchanted, Crown and High Tea! They make me so happy!

Lime Crime Venus XL II Palette – This palette is probably my favourite discovery of the year! The shades In Bloom, Sage, Myth, Obscure, Mystic and Thorn are absolutely stunning! The colour story satisfies me so much and I have nothing reminiscent in my collection! If I could only have 3 palettes, this would be top of my list for sure!

Juvia’s Place The Douce Palette – This holds a special place in my heart because my best friends bought it for me when I quit my job and was in a really bad place! I was so shocked! But I adore the colour story and it has my favourite pastel coral shade ever! The formula is delicious and I love the various tones and how they are cohesive and different at three same time! Gorgeous palette, I need!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Sugar Palette – Red eyeshadow is my weakness, and this palette spoke to me the minute it was sneak peeked! I had to have it! So saved saved saved and managed to get ahold of it and I cannot be without it. You can create the most stunning and creative looks, but can also have a bog standard neutral eye with it as well! Versatile, and the formula is everything! Incomparable to any other shadow, so smooth and buttery! Top of the buttery scale!

Note : now I have the Jeffree Star X Shane Dawson Conspiracy Palette….that is changing everything and I really don’t know which I would sacrifice to add that to this selection…..but as I received that after I picked these, I’m going to leave it the way it is…and just say that I would have picked it up along side these. I know I’m cheating but I can’t be without that palette but I can’t be without these either! It would be between Norvina and BHCosmetics palette….but I love them so much! Ah….I can’t decide!

So those are my five (six) palettes that I cannot live without! And I lust over them still even though I own them! They fill me with so much joy!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! What are your top 5 palettes?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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