First Impression | Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Spray (Watermelon)

What is it with all of this watermelon stuff in the industry currently??? I mean I literally couldn’t stop buying it at one point, I’m a sucker for it! So I thought today I would discuss this little gem! I have just used up my Smashbox Primer Water so it’s time for this one, and I used it for the first time yesterday and thought I’d discuss!

First of the packaging I really like. Super sleek while still conscious about being as travel friendly as possible! The scent is absolutely divine! I would drink it if I didn’t know it was setting spray. It smells so delicious! In terms of the product itself, I find it has a lovely mister so it costs the face with a very fine but powerful mist! Which I like! I like to dowse my face heavily with setting spray as a primer for my highlight! So very happy with that!

I feel like it certainly locks my makeup into place, and really enhances my highlight! I actually did this makeup when I was round my friends house, and it was what inspired my makeup play a few days later! So this is hour 6 of wear and you can see it still looks so fresh! I didn’t need to reapply it either! I only applied it in the morning, when I was around my friends house! I found it removed the powdery finish excellently. I go overboard on powder because I like the finish of my powders, but sometimes it can make my makeup look heavy. I spritz this on my face and it is fantastic! It eradicates all of the flatness that powder can sometimes give you!

All in all I really am enjoying this. The only problem I have with this is the price! It’s a nice spray. But I have had cheaper sprays do exactly what this does. This is over £16! I think £16.50 to be exact. And I was hoping it would have been a larger bottle for that price! But it’s lovely! And I’m enjoying using it. But I wouldn’t repurchase it for the reason of the price tag not warranting it’s performance! It performs well, but it’s not washing my dishes! (I don’t actually mean it needs to wash my dishes to be a good setting spray…it was a joke. Not a good one mind you. I merely meant it doesn’t give me an extra special finish to justify the price. I’ll shut up now!).

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Which scent would you chose of this, they have a lot!

Thank you so much for reading 💛✨

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