Declutter of Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

I have so many eyeshadows and I currently have a lot of Makeup Geek eyeshadows too. So thought it was about time to discuss which ones I thought was time to say goodbye to because I’m not using!

I had eyeshadows that I whittled down and came up with 9 eyeshadows that I felt I wasn’t using or that I had similar in my collection! I’m not saying these are bad eyeshadows at all. I either did not see myself using them, or I simply got a dud shade, I’m not saying these are all bad eyeshadows at all! I have a lot of them and want them all to fit in one Z palette! So decluttered 9. The following ones are the ones I got rid of!

Legend – This eyeshadow kept breaking and fracturing and was so messy to use, so I thought it was about time to get rid of it. I have similar shades in my collection so it isn’t too sad of a goodbye!

I’m Peachless – This shade is gorgeous and buttery but I have a better formula in other palettes of this shade, and this does not show off as illuminated and bright as the other shades I own!

Beaches and Cream – I used to use this as my all over my lid when I didn’t leave my base tacky. Now I leave my base tacky I decide to let this go as I don’t use it. And it I was going to powder my lids before eyeshadows I would use my setting powder.

Sin City – This shade, I haven’t even used, only swatched. It wasn’t as bright and blinding as expected and for that very reason I simply didn’t see myself using it. I much prefer Amber Lights by MAC!

Creme Brule – This used to be another all over lid shade, but it wasn’t being used so for that reason, I’m getting rid of it. Not because they are bad eyeshadows.

Hopscotch – This shade got hard pan super badly and it just didn’t transfer on the lid properly after that. So I didn’t reach for this anymore, and saw no reason in keeping it any longer!

Gold Digger – Similarly to Sin City, I swatched this and that was it. It just didn’t excite me or appear as bright as the swatches online, which was such a shame! It also washed my skin tone out a little, so I didn’t reach for it. So I am getting rid of it!

Cupcake – I got a lot of use out of this shade and the only reason I’m getting rid of this shade is that I couldn’t keep both this and Tuscan Sun as they are so similar! And decided to keep Tuscan Sun we its far more different to anything in my collection! So this had to say bye bye!

Tiki Hut – I loved this shade, but compared to Desert Sands and Preppy, it was too similar! I couldn’t justify keeping it because it was a shade or two darker! So I decided to get rid of it!

And at the end of that cull this is my collection! And I’m super happy with how it looks. It satisfies me and it looks very inspiring to me! So I thought I would share with you the shades that I am keeping!

Row 1

Taboo, Fairytale, Phantom, Nostalgia, Sidekick, Simply Marlena, Cherry Cola

Row 2

Bada Bing, Vintage, Petal Pusher, Unexpected, Tuscan Sun, Mango Tango, Poppy

Row 3

Cocoa Bear, Frappe, Friend Zone, Sand Dollar, Chickadee, Preppy, Desert Sands

Row 4

High Tea, Dirty Martini, Jester, Ritzy, Karma, Pixie Dust

And that is my current collection of Makeup Geek eyeshadows! I am very happy with the ones I own and I’ll be honest, I’m not missing or have even thought about the ones in my cull!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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