Full Review | Eylure The Lash Edit “Fluttery”

I adore eyelashes, as my eyelashes naturally are the size of cous cous grains! For real though! I want to have those super fluttery and seductive eyelashes that cause a breeze in the air whenever I blink. But sadly no part of the atmosphere is disturbed when I blink. I know, I’m upset. But when I saw this set on LookFantastic I had to try them because fluttery is my goals for my eyelashes!

First off I love the packaging and how it goes with their fluttery eyelashes, but a bigger box. It’s very cohesive with the rest of the collection! I adore it! I also love the variation of what you get. Super naturally enhancing to va va voom! Loooove!

They so comfortable on the lashes! They don’t have that stiff, thick and bulky feeling on my lash line! They are very flexible and soft feeling on the lashes. Which don’t spike on my inner corner, which a lot so for me! These do not. And I did t need to trim them either which is a bonus! I use my duo lash glue to apply these and it worked perfectly! They lasted through a whole day of mooching around, with laughing and didn’t budge! I have cried with the 171 shade, and again, they didn’t move. They bend to the roundness of my eye so well, and don’t kick up and flick out in areas! Once you stick them down, they are there until you remove them!

T/B – 170, 171, 178

Fluttery 170 – I loved this set so much, I purchased 2 of the single packs of these! They are so easy to wear, natural enough to get away on a normal day but just a little something special! They are three quarter length which just adds more volume to the outer corners, which I need. I need the bulking out in that area! And this does that soooo well!

Fluttery 171 – I wore this set and cried. I had a bad pain day and was getting worked up that I did my makeup all nice to go out and turned out I couldn’t even go out because I was so sore. So sobbed. These are my least favourite out of them all for the only reason of them pointing more downwards. And I like my lashes to look outward. These are more natural. And I’m more of a fan of lengthy and fluffy lashes!

Fluttery 178 – These are super textured and I wore them all day for a mooching session for a date day with my boyfriend! And it lasted through laughter, rain and watery eyes! I loved these they were darker around the bar and fluffier around the ends which I loved! They aren’t natural, they are intense, but I love them!

All in all I loved this set. The second shade are not as special as say some of the other fluttery eyelashes from this range. But I love the other two and I’m super happy I got to try these so I knew I could repurchase them individually if wanted to! The accent lashes are my absolute favourites out of them all! Loooove!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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