First Impression | Jeffree Star X Shane Dawson Mini Controversy Palette

So this arrived in my hands this morning. I had an insanely bad night and my pain was horrendous and I ended up needing to cancel seeing my best friends. But then my best friend came round and surprised me with this palette…which was literally the sweetest thing! I still can’t believe they bought me the palettes from this collection! I literally am so spoilt! So to you two very generous but naughty people, if you’re reading this, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I also have a video with a tutorial on one of the looks which I shall link below here!

<IF LINK NOT HERE, WILL BE SHOWN SHORTLY as still filming parts of the video!>

The packaging is delightful! I adore the holographic nature of this palette and love how both of the palettes are different but in a cohesive passion! I am so chuffed I own both of the mini palettes from Jeffree Star! As they go together beautifully but also work apart wonderfully as well! Major heart eyes!

The shade selection is lovely. I love the pastels especially and they are SO pigmented! They apply wonderfully with a finger or with a brush! Very versatile application techniques! The mattes are super soft and buttery! And the shimmers are deliciously creamy! They blend together so beautifully too, which is great. That can be packed to full opacity but can be blended to almost a transparent wash so easily also, for when you need have those soft and diffused edges! I adore that, as it’s again very versatile depending on how you want to use the shades! It gives you so many more options! My favourite shades are Exposed, Flat Earth, My Apology and My Boyfriends Purse! Exposed is the most unique lavender pink hybrid, and so so pigmented! Flat earth is the most delicious baby blue, that is just as pigmented as Exposed! My Apology…this shade, reds are the way to my heart and it has this depth and richness to it! And My Boyfriends Purse is so different to anything else I own! It is like a silver/gold hybrid! Like if gold and silver had a baby! Perfection!

These are the following looks I created with this palette!

My Apology, Diet Rootbeer, Exposed, My Boyfriends Purse
Flat a Earth, Exposed, Controversy, Cancelled, Diet Rootbeer
Cry On My Couch, The Simulation, Cancelled, Flat Earth
Flat Earth, Cancelled, The Simulation, Controversy, Exposed, My Apology, My Boyfriends Purse

All in all I adore this palette! I loved how the colours were both disjointed and cohesive….if that makes any sense. Disjointed in a way as you wouldn’t put them ALL or even most together to create one look like a lot of smaller palettes. You have solitary shades that work well on their own but can blend together. But cohesive enough to put looks together that look striking and beautiful! I’m so overjoyed to have this in my collection!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading 💛✨

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