Monthly Favourites | November 2019

How is it that I literally have done all of my monthly favourites and my next one will be my 2019 favourites! WTF! I am so shocked and can’t believe this year has flown by! I have loved the following products so much this month, some are super special and some are staples in my dry skin ways!

Bh Cosmetics Duo Light Palette – I am adoring this I palette so much in my shop my stash, but was using it before I switched that around! I love how i can choose a highlight to compliment my look! Gorgeous shades, super blinding formula! Imam blinding astronauts and they aint even mad!

Jeffree Star X Shane Dawson Conspiracy Palette – You all know now I’m adoring this palette. But I adore the people that bought it for me more! They surprised me with it and I was so touched. But the formula is to die for! Incomparable to anything else in my collection, they are beautiful unique shades! My favourite and what’s the tea, pigment, illuminatea, diet cola, conspiracy.

LIP COMBO ( Lime Crime Velvetines lip liner in Minx, MAC Lipstick in Patisserie, Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip in Verbatim)

It is a rosy ombré lip! It’s so flattering, I’m wearing it today. I love the depth of the lip liner and how complimentary the lipstick is in tone, but just lighter. And the gloss just adds that next level shine and sparkle! Such a lush combo! And so comfortable!

Revolution Skincare CBD Essence Spray -This gives my skin a lovely layer of hydration without any creams. It feels so nourishing and moisturising with a tad bit of tackiness which I really enjoy! It means I don’t have to rush to apply a moisturiser! It also smells super fresh, like a floral cucumber!

Hurraw! Root Beer Lip Balm – My lips have been so insanely dry recently that I’ve been quite uncomfortable! They have some deep cracks in the sides too which is so painful. This soothes, hydrates in the best way and also smells delicious! What more could you want!

Revolution Vintage Lace Blush Palette – I adore this palette so much, it’s so pretty. The textures are a pigmented but buildable formula, if that makes any sense. You can wipe off a lot of product on the back of the hand and build up the level of blush you want (a lot, if you’re me). Shades 1 and 4 I love to mix together and have probably worn those the most!mbut the other shades are gorgeous too, I find they’ve been complimenting my lip combo previously mentioned better over the terracotta tones! But love them all!

And that’s everything that I’ve loved this month!

I really hope you enjoyed his blog post! What’s been your stand out product this month?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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