First Impression | Nuxe Multi Purpose Nourishing Oil (For Face, Body and Hair)

I am getting so into oils on my face because it’s so try and crusty right now. I know, I’ve never sounded sexier! But I find oils give me much more of a lasting layer of hydration rather than a layer that soaks in super quickly! Which I need in the summer, but now it’s winter, I want my hydration layer to last as long as possible! I received this in my LookFantastic box and very much squeaked with joy! I have wanted to try one of these oils so much, and was pleased to receive the multi purpose one so I can use it on my face. *happy gibberish*

The packaging is so luxe. And as it’s a deluxe sample it is so diddy and adorable”. Like something a Sylvanian Families family would use! Okay maybe not that small, but it’s cute! The smell is absolutely divine, kind of herbal. But so luxurious! I rubbed it on my face and was transformed to a spa like atmosphere, but I was in my bathroom!

As I rubbed it onto my face with my finger tips I felt this lovely layer of nourishment form over my skin! I felt that dryness and tightness melt away and it was so soothing too! Once I left it on my face for a few minutes, I felt like it had left a lovely silky layer on my skin. It wasn’t tacky, but by no means was dry! I just has this soft and almost dewy like finish on my face! My skin felt so hydrated! It was delightful!

All in all I’m so chuffed I got to try this and would absolutely consider buying the full size when this runs out. The smell alone gets me so hyped to use this! And then I smooth it onto my face and it melts away my stone exterior to this satin gloriousness!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post! Have you tried this?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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