Full Review | Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors

I love a highlight. I love to beam so much that astronauts see me from space and are like “You Glow Gurl!”, rather than being mad that I am distracting them from their hard work. When the glow is that good, one can’t resist being admired! What can I say! And these are no exception so I shall delve into them now!

L/R – Prismatic Amethyst, Rose Glow, Champagne Pop

First off the packaging is absolutely stunning! It feels so special and really looks magical in your collection! They really stand out! The pattern in the pan on the more special ones are lovely too! They are not so decorative that they distrust the usability, however they are super lovely to look at. The usual ones are completely flat, but the product themselves are equally as beautiful!

The formula is exceptionally creamy and smooth. However between the different shades there are differences. Champagne Pop is exceptionally creamy and very blinding, you need to go in with a light hand if you want a subtle glow! Otherwise, you go ham and you and BLINDING people. They are going to need sunglasses! The other two shades are a little more subtle and give a “lit from within” look. Rose Glow is the happy medium. And is subtle to begin with but you can blind people with it if you build it up. Whereas Prismatic Amethyst is a lot more subtle and remains subtle! But it has a gorgeous purple duo chrome to it, which really glows when you turn your head! It is so pretty!

T/B – Prismatic Amethyst, Champagne Pop, Rose Glow

Overall I think this are fantastic! The are pricey but they are so so worth it! They are so luxe and special and I adore owning them, looking at them and using them in my day to day life! I can customise them so well, depending how much I want to glow! And which undertone I want to have for my look! I feel like I have all the perfect shades for me! I’m so chuffed to have them!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post! Have you tried these highlighters? Which is your favourite shade?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨


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