Shop My Stash | December 2019

I can’t believe I’ve done three of these already and I’m finding it such a fun and satisfying concept! It’s finally time to do a switch around and the following products are what I’ve decided to use, to take my through this festive period! I really hope you enjoy!

Zoeva Premiere Palettes (Blush and Eye) – I thought these had such gorgeous warmth and depth which would be perfect for the festive period. The rich greens and burgundy’s in the eye palette are perfection! And the blushes have a lovely warmth to them too. Along with a gold that screams Christmas to me! Can’t wait to use these this month!

Jeffree Star Skin Frost (Dark Horse) – This I thought would give me enough depth like a bronzer while still providing me the most gorgeous glow! Of course it would, it’s a Jeffree Star product! But it has this richness to it that I think would be perfect for this time of year!

NYX Matte Lipstick (Sierra) – I wanted a warm but creamy lipstick to take me through this month as my skin is so dry around my lips. And despite these being called matte, they are very creamy and hydrating. Kind of not a matte in my opinion! But they are lovely in texture and will keep my lips looking smooth and not crusty!

Zoeva Melody Lipgloss (Become A Butterfly) – This lipgloss I want to pair with the previous mentioned lipstick! I think they will go gorgeously together and work well apart! But the gold sheen running through this lipgloss will festive up any way I want to wear it!

Revolution Precise Brow Pencil (Medium Brown) – This pencil is literally so precise, he seems the name. And it’s slightly deeper than my other ones and I feel like I can get away with it when I wear heavy makeup, which I like to wear around the holidays! But also I can wear it and have them be the main focus too! Very versatile!

And that’s all the items I’ve chosen to take me through the month!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! What item are you choosing to work on this month?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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