Full Review | Benefit They’re Real Mascara

Lashes can really make a statement. Unless they are mine. In which case mine barely nudge someone gently! They are stubby, light and sparse! So I am always on a mission to find a mascara that will enhance my lashes to actually make them have a bit more oomph!

First off the packaging is nice. But it doesn’t feel more luxe than say the Maybelline mascaras I have tried. So to me, the packaging doesn’t warrant the price. So we hope that at least to goods inside works well to justify the 20 odd quid!

The formula is actually very nice! It provides depth at the root of the lashes to start with, which I find very handy as my eyelashes naturally aren’t very thick, so it fakes the look of a fuller lash line! Less flesh showing through the lashes! It also provides length as it coats every bit of my lashes! From root to tip! So the blonde tips of my lashes are also coated which makes all of the difference! The brush is white big however I find it a bit cumbersome for the lower lashes! But for the upper lashes it is fantastic!

You can see the genuine difference from the left to the right side! There is length, volume and an inky black coat on my lashes! Which I really enjoy. But is the price tag justified. I find, if I’m being completely honest, that the Essence Lash Princess (False Lash Effect) mascara does EXACTLY the same thing to my lashes! The same amount of depth, volume and length. It is just the blackness that I find is better in this than the essence. The essence has a little less opacity, but I’ll be honest, not by much! But there is a tad bit of difference! The wand, I prefer on the Essence one too. As it is versatile for both bottom and upper lashes. Oh and the Essence one is £3! Do I need to say any more?

All in all I like this mascara and it performs very well! But it isn’t anything unique or special, as I can get an almost identical finish with the Essence Lash Princess (False Lash Effect)! So you can tell which one I have and will continue to repurchase!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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