If I Could Only Keep 10 Eyeshadow Palettes 2019

I bloody love eyeshadow! It is probably my favourite thing (along with blush) to wear and to play with! So I saw this tag going along on YouTube and I thought I would give it a go myself. And boy was it hard!! But here are the 10 palettes I would keep, if I could only pick 10 to own!

Juvia’s Place The Douce Palette – This palette is not only beautiful and with a unique colour story. But it is also super special because my best friend gifted this to me when I was having a really bad time! And it was a pick me up and she knew I was after this! I nearly cried! So it is not only gorgeous (the shade Creme and Custard are literally everything!) but it has sentimental value as well!

Juvia’s Place The Tribe Palette – This palette, if we disregard my Jeffree Star palettes, is my favourite palette I own! It is such a gorgeous formula! And beautiful beautiful colours. I love greens but these are such unique greens to my collection. The shades Koro, Maasai and Kuba are delicious!

Juvia’s Place Warrior II Palette – I am surprised with this, because I’m not really a neutral girl! But this would be the neutral palette I would pick if I had to have one. If I wear neutrals it’ll always be a matte. And I have opinions for warm, cool and neutral tones! I love the shades Kana, Daura, Walzana and Yodit!


Jeffree Star The Conspirscy Palette – This is the newest palette to my collection. And the colours in this are everything to me! The shades What’s The Tea, Conspiracy, Pig-ment, Illuminatea and Diet Cola are my absolute favourites! I can wear them together (and it looks INSANE) or apart and it gives me the best looks! And it makes me so happy. Also my best friends bought me this too, so I was so shocked! But it has sentimental value to me for that reason along with it being ABSOLUTELY stunning!

Jeffree Star The Mini Breaker Palette – This was a tie between the Mini Controversy and this. But the shades Slice, Oral and Foreplay are so gorgeous! That I couldn’t part with it. (But now I’m thinking of My Boyfriends Purse and My Apology aaaaah). But yeah, this palette is just beautiful! So soft and buttery! Just lush! And I love how travel friendly this is too!

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette – Red eyeshadow is the way to my heart! And THIS palette, for that reason, is everything to me! The colour story is just stunning and I love the medical/sugar theme to it too. My favourite shades are Sweetener, Blood Sugar, Cherry Soda, Tongue Pop and Fresh Meat! This was the first palette from Jeffree Star that I bought so it’s quite sentimental to me too. But the formula is to die for as well!

BHCosmetics Royal Affair Palette – This palette is the grunge lovers DREAM! It has some fantastic dirty and murky colours and some lovely high shine metallics as well! So it’s so versatile. My favourite shades are High Tea, Emperor, Empress, Crown and Lady! Then formula is fantastic too! So pigmented and super blendable!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Palette – The shade Soul in this is the most unique tone in my collection! And the formula of these are super soft and pigmented! The other shades Love, Wild Child and Celestial are also delicious! They blend so beautifully and pack a punch when build up!

Lime Crime Venus II Palette – This was a palette I saved up for because the colour story was so unique to me and I was desperate to try it! I hadn’t tried Lime Crimes formula either! Some shades do have hard pan, but they are easily rectified and it doesn’t stop the pigment. But the shades that I love most do not have hard pan at all. Which are Sage, In Bloom, Stella, Ivy, Laurel and Locust! The pinky green colour story is just so special to me!

Revolution Forever Flawless (Ice) Palette – This was surprising to me because didn’t expect to include this! But I was missing blues and I sold my Blue Blood palette to a client when money was tight. So I tried to put this back in my drawer but couldn’t! The shade Glacier, is the most insane silver I have ever used! I also love the shades Melt, Freeze, Drench and Arctic!!

And those are my picks! If I had to get rid of all of my eyeshadow palettes and only keep 10 of them, these are my choices! I don’t think I could cope if I could only have 10 palettes though…. *nervous laughter*

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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