Top 5 | False Eyelashes

This year I have completely fallen in love with eyelashes! All thanks to my best friend buying me some for Christmas last year, and I fell in love with how they set a look off and completed everything! So I have become quite experimentsl with brands and styles and these are the ones this year I have repurchased then most, enjoyed wearing and felt the most confident in!

Eylure Enchanted “Flower Ranger” – These are dark, wispy and fluffy. They provide definition and oomph to a look which I love! They are quite sultry in style too! Which can really set off or change a look to a different dimension! They are extremely comfortable with a nice thin band but they are still dense and fluttery!

Ardell Wispies – These, are probably my most bought eyelashes of the year. They are separated enough to look natural but long enough to provide a little something special to a look. They aren’t as dark and dense which I like on a more day to day basis. But they still look pretty, fluttery and long enough to make it look like you have made an effort with your makeup!

Eylure X Fleur De Force “Fully Fleur” I was apprehensive with these as they didn’t look overly curled, they were quite spoken and just didn’t look like anything I had tried before. But when I tried them I loved them. I bought them in the “lash wardrobe” set and these were by far my favourites and have since purchased a few sets of these! Love them!

Eylure Enchanted “Written In The Stars” – These are actually the newest additions to my collection but I loved them so much I have three more pairs backed up! They are the perfect 3/4 length band and have such long and wispy lash fibres! They just make me look like I have amazing eyelashes. I adore them! I fell in love instantly the minute I put them on. Which is why I had to include them as they are probably my favourite lashes out of them all!

Eylure Enchanted “Heartbreaker” – These were my favourite until the “Written In The Stars” come along. And they are very similar. These are less dark and slightly less denser. But they still have that gorgeous wispy separation! And the length is so flirty and feminine! I really do enjoy wearing them, and have bought multiple multiple pairs of these over the year of eyelash discovery!

And those are my top 5 eyelash styles! I would love to know your favourites!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thank you so much for reading 💛✨

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