DUPES #5 | Lip Products

I adore lip products. Liquid lipsticks, lip glosses, actual lipsticks and stains! I have quite full lips so they make a statement with whatever I wear. Which sometimes works to my favour! But other times if I want my eyes to be the focus, and I have these big lips stealing the show, then it can hinder! But I have worked with them and I love my collection of lip products! As they enhance the experience of wearing lip products!

Jeffree Star The Gloss (Crystal Kiss) VS Zoeva (Fly Away) – These are identical. Shame pink shift on the lips, same texture and the same milky colour! They really both look beautiful on the lips! But there is a price difference. It isn’t major, the Jeffree Star is £16 and the Zoeva one is £11 but are usually on sale somewhere, so I got min for £8 each!

Jeffree Star (Mannequin) VS Colourpop (Time Square) – This was an unexpected dupe. I wore Mannequin one day and then wore Time Square the day after. I continued to take some pictures on both days and it blew me away how similar they were! They texture is very lightweight and matte. And the colour is a perfect match on the lips! Very easy nudes to wear that do not compete with any look, either eye or cheek. They are just wonderful!

Lime Crime Diamond Crushers (Acid Fairy) VS NYX DuoChromatic Lipgloss (Booming) – I dislike the texture of the Lime Crime one but I love the appearance. It just feels so gritty on the lips but I loved the neon shift! So when I was looking through my collection for something with a fun shift, I found Booming and swatched them both and they were SO similar! In fact Booming has even more of an intense shift! It’s fantastic! And a hell of a lot more comfortable!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading!! 💛✨

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