First Impression | Barry M Pixie Skin Blurring Primer

First off the packaging is really cute aesthetically but I don’t really like how it feels. It is just painted glass so feels very much like the paint will chip off which sets my teeth on edge! But to look at it, it’s pretty! The silver writing is really lovely too and goes well with the minty green very well! The pipette component I really like and it’s very popular to see primers like this at the minute! But I think it works well, and makes me feel like a scientist! I know, I need to get a grip.

The actual formula is really nice, it is a white gel/lotion hybrid! I wouldn’t say it is blurring in a pore sense and I’ll pop pictures in later with evidence of that. But in terms of providing a good base for makeup I like it. It starts off quite tacky and grippy, which I thought it would remain like that! But it dries down quickly and then the base almost smooths the canvas. Not filling in anything, but the base almost feels primed. Well duh emily it’s a primer. But you know what I mean! It just provides a much easy base to put foundation on! I don’t think this provides longevity, as my makeup lasted through same amount of time as it usually does!

This is how my face looked with it on! You can see my pores are still very visible. But the rest of my skin, especially my nose, looks very smooth! So I disagree on the blurring properties but it certainly does smooth out the canvas!

One thing that really surprised me was how it hydrated my skin felt. Like it eradicated all of my dry patches! In a smoothing kind of way! It was great!

All in all I really liked this! But not for the reason it was advertised as! Not blurring. Smoothing. If that makes any sense! I didn’t look airbrushed and poreless. It just made my skin feel less textured and softer! And it’s fairly affordable, around the £8 mark! It’s great! Really recommend if smoothing is what you’re after. If you’re expecting porefilling, no, this isn’t for you at all. If it was called the smoothing primer I’d be like YES! I AGREE! THIS IS AMAZING! But for porefilling and blurring, no it’s rubbish for that! So ignore the title. It’s a hydrating and smoothing primer!

I really hope you enjoyed this post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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