Full Review | Eylure Enchanted Lashes Lookbook

Eyelashes are becoming some of my favourite things to wear! I feel like they finish off a look but I adore how flirty and pretty they are too. They actually give me confidence and make me feel like I look nice. Which is a rarity! I saw these and thought the styles, all three, were just up my alley! Wispy, long and fluttery!

The packaging is so aesthetically pleasing! There is a window to see all of the eyelashes but the purple packaging immediately drew my attention too! It really went very well with how beautiful the lashes looked. But then I looked at the names and the nebula stars theme was actually a perfect choice to make it cohesive with the theme!

They have a very thin band so on application they are exceptionally comfortable! The style a Written In The Stars, is probably my favourite style as they have a slightly shorter band, so that makes them, for my smaller but round eyes, a lot more flattering and less “droopy” on the ends. It also means I don’t have to trim (yay!). Stargazer is probably my least favourite due to the length of both the lashes and the band. However if I bothered to trim a third off then they might even become my favourites! They aren’t as dense as the other two and are probably the flutteriest due to the sheer length of the. They actually touch my eyebrows, which is rather impressive! Stars in Their Eyes are a beautiful pair of eyelashes. And are probably my favourite to wear on a special occasion or date night. They have a lot more depth and darkness them so have an air is sexiness to them! Which is a real confidence boost! But even with the depth of them, they are still very comfortable!

They lasted through a hell of a lot. Napping and crying, among other things. And the curl, flutteriness and shape/position didn’t alter at all! Which was fantastic! I would go as far and say these are my favourite eyelashes I have ever tried from Eylure! As a set and individually, as I have bought them both as a set and individually!

They are a fair price around £5.99 a pair or £13.50 for the set! So you end up saving money buying the set. But it’s only value if you’re buying the set and like all styles.if there is a style you’re not going to use then there is no point buying the set, but I like all so it made sense. I actually bought two sets as they were on a buy one get one half price offer. So I got them both for £20.08 or something that!

All in all I was exceptionally impressed! And I have popped some away for the future, just in case they are limited edition! But by far, if you are going to try any of these, the Written In The Stars are versatile and will suit various looks and eye shapes! I have hooded eyes and they are still very comfy and pretty!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog posts! Have you tried these lashes?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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